Bandung-Jakarta Day 5: "My 1st Showcase in Bandung" first showcase in Bandung was a success! thanks to all the crews for the great moments and i'm really hopping that the audiences were enjoying it as much as i am., quickly go and grab my very first album named as "Bila lagi nak perasan jadi retis!" at the nearest store! hahaha..

hahhaa..yup, those rambling are just a ridiculous joking of my memory in Bandung. they were actually a small band who performed at the dining place called as Ampera, Cabang Kebon Kalapa, Soekarno Hatta. the simple restaurant is attractive enough to capture your heart plus they got a band playing in the center of it. yup, we're not expecting it!

well, i was actually a volunteer who always so anticipated to go up the stage and sing along with the band. singing live is always fun because they will play the cord according to your voice projection. haha..and you can even ask whatever song you desired for. anyhow, i should say that i already fanned the vocalist of the band as he got a really great voice. hmm...guys, why don't we collaborate? haha

so, a bit about the restaurant. they served the Sunda dishes that comes with variety of choices. sorry, i couldn't review the taste since i'm not eating. remember, as i mentioned on the previous post i've got a very serious stomach pain which was turning OFF while i'm on the stage and switching to the ON mode again when i've done with the singing! hahahhaha...anyhow, it is a GREAT place where you should make a visit once you're in Bandung.  :)

"eh eh ada muka awaklah..." hahaha  =D

and the day was ended just like that...thanks a lot guys for reading all those Bandung-Jakarta entries. hopefully, you've goyt something from it. so, lets say HELLO to MALAYSIA! ^^

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  1. wah.... gud job... ohsem moment :)

  2. eh!saya pn mkn kt kdai kn tu!sdap kaaan...minum x air avocado dia?

  3. syakir-->hahahha yup indeed i enjoyed myself so much although ive got a severe stomach pain~ hahahhaa

  4. IFA cyg-->la ye ke..i mmg dr dlu xsuke air avocado,pnh rse kat Msia ni harr so mmg x order la..huhu PEROT SAKET la time ni syg, so akk xmakan pon... ;(


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