Bandung-Jakarta Day 2: "Its Shopping Time!"

Here is the sequence of my recent Bandung-Jakarta trip. ok, lets start the day with the healthy breakfast since we gonna use lot of energy soon! undeniable, photos are able to describe lot of things and sometimes, they can even express the feeling at that particular moment too. the best pic of the above collage is the bottom on the right in which saying that "peeps, i'm a Millionaire!" ..hehe..

without further a due, we initiated the shopping craziness at the CIBADUYUT. this site of Bandung is well-known with its leather stuff and shoes! shoes! shoes! yup, just look at the photos above, all you can see is shoes, right? haha..let me tell you that it was my mission&vision to get a pair of leather boots there and i'm succeed! CLICK HERE to clearly view my buzz-worthy purchased boots.  :)

then, the next stop was the famous TOKO TIGA. everybody already knows that this is the place to get the original LEVIS & etc with a cheap price. honestly, i cannot tell the difference because i'm quite hesitate with the fact that you can get a pair of LEVIS at only RM150+.  hmmm...some people said that you need to really monitor them because they kinda mixing the original and the blah-blah one. as for me, i don't buy any because i just purchased 2 pairs of jeans on the last week before the trip. sorry..not interested!

Oh, this is actually the heaven part of Bandung, its non other than the PASAR BARU. definitely, this 7th floors mall gonna be your mom's favourite stop. be honest, it was also my favourite lor because this is the very right place to find FABRICS, TELEKUNG (Muslimah's prayer attire), KEBAYA, CLOTHES, BAGS, SHOES and etc. i should say that the fabrics collection were freaking awesome as the price offered were cheap and absolutely mad.

oh, i got like 5 type of differ fabrics for only myself. the total lost was approximately RM80+ and i'm undoubtedly satisfy with all the purchased and it was very exciting! roughly, those high quality fabrics were sold at Rp25,000-35,000 / meter which means RM8.00-11.00 / meter. oh, the dazzling bridal lace which usually sold at Euro Moda with the price of RM200 / meter is available there at only Rp150,000 or RM50 / meter. faint!

on the way to the next location, we bumped onto a shooting production on the roadside of a messy traffic jam. i was like "Oh God, can i meet Miss Dian Sasterawardoyo here?" haha..well, it was actually a photoshoot, nothing to do with any Indonesian film or Sinetron. hehe. anyhow, i love the top pic on the right which i captured from the car's window. it is very natural with the light within the leaves, refreshing and romantic?! uikkss~  ;'P

frankly, i'm getting quite frustrated since i don't get the chance to stroll along this beautiful JALAN DAGO (factory outlet) and explore the fabulous shops one by one. sorry dear, this is what gonna happen when you were on a trip with your mom. huhu..guys, i'm not talking about the burden or blah-blah but what i meant is you need to consider on their powerless energy and limited interest. hmm..well, atleast THANKS a lot mom for taking this bunch of photos of us! hehehe  ;')

although the time was passing very fast, we just don't wanna ended it. this place was not in my list since the curtain night was falling down and i wanted to go somewhere that could showcasing Bandung at night. so, our Mr. Taxi, Pak Achmad brought us up here. called as DAGO PAKAR and seriously, the view was as fascinating as it looks in the photos. besides, the air was cool and breezy. although, we just stop like 20 minutes but i should claim that i LOVE this place, its very cool!  ^^

it was like 8.00 p.m and we're desperately looking for a nice place to dine. so, i was asking Pak Achmad to drive us to any great place and i even added that i don't want it to be an ordinary one, i want something superb! guys, remember money is nothing because when you are in Indonesia, you are a Millionaire! (a.k.a JUTAWAN Rupiah gituuh~)  hahahaha..

thus, we went up and down to the KAMPUNG DAUN that took us almost 1hour from the town. if i'm not mistaken, it is located at the Kampung Gajah. nevertheless, this is one of the GREATEST restaurant i've ever visit! no worry, gonna make a super special review on this outstanding place soon as i just can't stand from sharing the fabulous look of this shockingly spacious restaurant!

CLICK HERE for the restaurant review; Kampung Daun Gallery & Cafe, Bandung.

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TQ for reading. will be continue....  :)


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