It was my very first purchased of Mango! yup, i've been always anticipated of their collections but due to the fact that they are pricey(although its valuable~), i just need to cancel the pure intention. thus, what has made me lastly making this purchase? was on the early of this month when i was desperately looking for a formal trousers to be wear to my new office. i've never thought that i'd spent RM99 for just a pair of pants! oh, maybe it just a normal situation for some of you but not for me though~

Anyhow, the reason of this rambling is i just wanted to claim that i've made a great decision as the pants is absolutely great! its actually got 5 colours which mine here is the metallic brown. yup, i love the rich colour of it so much, the elastic material which makes it more comfortable and the fact that the cutting is delicate.

As conclusion, lets get more of Mango. hmmm..i'm not talking about the fruit, DUSH!  =D


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