What Would My Mama Do?!

Every night I go, 
Every night I go sneaking out the door,
I lie a little more, 
Baby imma helpless..

Theres something bout the night, 
And the way it hides all the things I like,
Little black butterflies, 
Deep inside me..

What would my mama do? 
If she knew bout me and you..

What would my daddy say? 
If he saw me hurt this way..

Why should I feel ashamed? 
Feeling guilty at the mention of your name,
Here we are again, 
Its nearly perfect! (like seriously~)

All the things a girl should know,
All the things she can't control,
All the things a girl should know,
She can't control,
What would my mama do??!

yup, the BOLD  lyrics are clearly explaining my messy 'love' story for real! Oh God, i need the S.O.S since honestly, she has already knew it. hahaha..whatever~ So, credit the Song "Mama Do" to the beautiful Pixie Lott. yeahhh...i'm going out for the Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn Part 2!!! Bye.


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