Instagram #4 - It Was A Midnight Movie Time!

By Friday, November 16, 2012 ,

Oh i love this kind of editing. i'm just using the PICASA editing software. guys, its really simple and fun. all you've got to do is just download the software for free and you can simply enjoy the great features its offered. please believe me, you don't need the Photoshop anymore! haha

so, here is the MIDNIGHT MOVIE MOMENT of the recent movie that i watched which is the box-office, "Istanbul Aku Datang". i was with no other than Makcek Syafiqah Amat Bakri who willing to accompany my 'lonely' night on that day. hehe..tq yang, i always love you yang~ haha

so, we drove all the way from Klang to BB. haha..i don't know the valid reason but i always feel that saturday night in K.L is absolutely happening! [^.~]

OK i know you had enough of the Bandung-->Jakarta entries because i'm also kinda tired of writing about it! hahaha..but i promise you that there gonna be a very last one which i will be given you some vacation tips to Bandung. sorry, i cannot ignore it as its quite important to the traveler who is planning to visit the place sooner or later.

Nah, again i'm not stop talking about it. dush! so, thanks for reading and HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!  ;)


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  1. ohh,,, crita itu sgt comel n best kan!!! let go to istanbul and falling love!! =D

    i go watch it midnight jgk (actually i mmg tak pnh tgk wktu lain pon, love the feeling when tpksa mnhan sjuk.. hehe)

    sllunya me edit gna photoscape sja,, mudah jgk.. =)

  2. hahah klu murah dh p dh ISTANBUL tuh yang..hahaha mmg another simple editing sware photoscape tuh tp i lg suke PICASA sbb colors editing die lg mnawan hati sy la hehehhe...


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