[REVIEW] The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

[printed screen are credited to the film and my super power Xperia X10!]

[as i can't have the real man, can i just have this poster? yup, i'm still the Edward's team! hehe..]

Honestly, i've been dying to watch it on the premier day. however, me and my Twilight buddy, Miss Tia just got some space on last night to book the midnight show at the Sunway Pyramid. we were really excited over it since we followed the tale from the Twilight --> Eclipse --> New Moon --> Breaking Dawn Part 1 and lastly completed it with this Part 2!

So, it was directed by Bill Condon, the same director of the Breaking Dawn Part 1 and obviously, this is the sequence episode and yup, it is the FINALE of The Twilight Saga! nevertheless, this is one of the most awaited film in 2012 since the world is eager to witness the future of the newborn in the Cullen's family, The adorable Renesmee Cullen.

I think i don't need to give the synopsis as it was perfectly written by Stephenie Meyer and i believe lot of fans were already completely reading it. anyhow, for those who don't have any idea, basically this part 2 is focusing on the protecting of the extraordinary child of Edward and Bella, Renesmee. the climax is when The Volturi (its like the vampire's highest authority lor~) come to kill the child as they believed in a false allegation on her. they thought that the child is immortal and will harm the vampire race in the future. anyhow, Alice who has the power of seeing the future tries to convince them that Renesmee is no harm whilst the Cullens are gathering all the witnesses to protect the child and at the first place, Bella is enjoying her new happy 'life' and the new transformation!

Thus, MY VERDICT should be this is one of the best episode of Twilight Saga besides the epilogue one;Twlight and yup, it is worth to be the FINALE of the series. although the plot is simple but it makes us anticipated to watch the fast growing child, Renesmee and what is the ending of the war between the Cullens and the powerful, The Volturi? yup, those are the only things about the film. haha..seriously, it play around only with that two points.

Now, what i love the most about the movie is the showcasing of the everlasting LOVE between Edward and Bella is seriously beautiful. you can feel their strong bonding especially when Bella used her unique power which can shield her mind and protect her from other vampire's powers towards Edwards. besides, it was so sweet watching the newlywed enjoying their new life. oh God, it makes me feel like i wanna get married as soon as possible! huhu

Oh, despite the fact that Bella has became more beautiful and stronger than Edward is freaking fascinating. guys remember, she is a vampire now and vampires are born to be attractive! LOL. haha..i guess, if they are really exist in this world, i'd surrender myself to one of the hot 'dead' hunk and marry him and lastly become a vampire too because we can live happily ever after! haha..i've got my own romance fantasy, how about yours? hahaha

The GREATEST part of the whole movie is the VERY LAST SCENE when the war begin and what is really happening at the END OF THE WAR! now, ONLY the people who had already watched it will get what i really meant...hehehehhe.... (~.^)

specifically, i LOVE the creepy feeling when the "redcoats", The Volturi coming with the forces to negotiate with the Cullens (just look at the 2nd printed screen above). huhu..seriously, it gonna heat up your adrenaline and when the battle takes place, you will be so excited like clapping your hand watching The Volturi's members died one by one. hahahha..it was actually my real condition while watching it last night!

OK, assuredly i'd ranked the movie as 4.5 out of 5 because obviously, imma big fan of TWILIGHT and imma freak! so, you gotta watch it by yourself to have your own vision yar. oh yarr, NO Edrward, NO Bella and NO Jacob as NO Twilight anymore....  (T_T)

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  1. Beautiful.. Sizzli,i really love your outfit and i love twilight saga too :)

  2. tq so much dear!! =) yup d movie is super awesome!

  3. The surprise twist. Love it!!!

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