Out and About for Twilight!

The photo collage is very cool huh?! hehe..again, i'm just using the PICASA. seriously, it is pettily fun to transform your shaking and boring photo with this attractive one by just a simple click! Oh oh, do i sounds like a sales person for the company?? hahaha..no, i don't claim for any payment from them.

By the way reminiscing my previous post, the collage is clearly executing the idea in my mind on how i wanted the room to look alike. i just can't get rid of photos as my love for photography growing so much day by day. let me ramble a bit about the idea. i think i'll print the A3 size of my bunch of photos with family & friends. sounds cool, rite? hehehe..i'm really looking forward to it!

Those were actually taken on last night when me & Miss Tia were eager hunting for the Twilight Saga at the Sunway Pyramid. yup, the SHOUT AWARDS 2012 was lively streaming down there at the Sunway Surf Beach and i was dying up here wanted to join the clan!

Surprisingly, i was totally forgot about the event that was held on the same night. no wonder, the road to the mall was packed like a tin of sardin! so, i just can have the sneak peak from the big screen wherein i'm hoping to see Yuna Zarai who has won 3 awards. yeahhh congratulation, Go Yuna Go!

Anyhow, both of us have a really good time enjoying the movie, gossiping on the BF issues hahaha and assuredly, planning on our itinerary of the China trip! hehehe..btw, to read the REVIEW of the Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2  < CLICK HERE. > 

Have a nice weekend! ^^


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