Katy Perry said "TGIF!"

haha..i love her character in that vid so much. Katy Perry was just so awesome! in fact, she has taught me the phrase that has been steal from the urban dictionary, T-G-I-F: Thank God Its Friday! haha

Previously, i was not so into the mood until at the moment when i've started my career, FRIDAY is the most awaited day in a week. yup, now i got it!

So, hopefully you've got a big plan for this weekend since i might be a little busy with the friend's dating plus H&M's exploring, cousin's wedding and another friend's gathering. yup, the Saturday and Sunday have been fully booked, sorry no more reservation can be made. hehe

Btw, i'm in a very good mood today. hmm..i just can't stop smiling without any reason. hehe..i know that i might look like a stupid person with a cheesy expression~ hehe...tq syg, you've made my day! *blushing*

Right now, i'm waiting for Miss Syafiqah to go for dinner/lepaking/gossiping and she gonna overnight at my place here. incredibly awesome! haha.. have a NICE WEEKEND yo...!   =D


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