[Photo] Inspiration for My New Room


Simple but creative..

toooo creative?

Queen Diva!


a statement!


Play it hard...!

or maybe just play it cool~

[photos are courtesy to tumblr.com]

So, which one that you think suits me well? yup, i've moved to a rental room in Subang Jaya and i'm dying to transform my boring room to this absolutely fantastic room decor! huhu..i'm not really sure which one is the best but all i know is i always imagining having a 'dreamy' room all by myself....  =)

i guess, i need to start finding the neon and print lot and lot of photos~ hehe..i'm so excited!


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  1. i think i like the las one.. but not really...hurm... actually i like simple but not too dramatic...ahahaha but the las one is the better of all of da picture above...ahahahaha

  2. Syakir sayang...hahha sbb u bkn girl kot tu yg lein2 tu xmenarik hati u lansung! hahahha..tol x y last one tu mmg taste lelaki lah..simple n COOL =)

  3. tulus-->kn kn i think i go w d combination of dreamy n play it hard!!! hahahha..dh ade choice dh! ^^

  4. i like bed no 1.. bt not the wall... klu wall colur pic no 2 it's cool!! really my frend always take picture with that background... sgt cntik.. jeles,, =)

  5. so y dun u combine those elements for ur room dear..hihi must b awesome enough kn.. =)


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