Look #66 - Playing The Tourist

Shade from Vincci / Scarf from H&M / Skinny jeans from Diesel / Ring from F21 / 
Shirt, knackpack, bangles and boots from Bandung

This was taken at the MoNas, Jakarta when me and my mom went on a trip to the country. our itinerary on that day was going around the city and assuredly, doing lot and lot of shopping! so, i have to ensure that the outfit is able to give me the max comfortability and snug enough for me to wear it the whole day.

personally, i love this look so much because it showcase me perfectly. it is simple, very casual yet still stylish in its own way. i guess the highlight should be on the mustard boots that i've got at Bandung the day before. it was a great purchased and i just can't stop from admiring it.

then, the shirt is very light and very perfect for the outdoor activity where the sun hits directly above the sky. the day was freaking hot and honestly, i was sweating like hell~ haha..so, please do not trust those photos above which are looking like it was a good cloudy day because IT WAS NOT AT ALL!

photos are credited to my mom & editing was done by me.


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