New Look: Sleek Enough?

By Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Atlast, i've done refreshing up my page here. hopefully you're loving it as my mission is i wanted the sleek and clean finish look. yup, i've maintained the header and the background as i'm still can't get enough of it. both are representing me very well. sophisticated, artistic and yet tough?! huhu.

Thus, credit the very nice blog template to Blogger Candy and the forever favourite background by Shabby Blogs. go and visit them as both are doing the awesome job to my blog. TQ guys!


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  1. Sleek n clean! Nicer, sbb senang nak baca yg kat widget2 tu. =)

  2. i knew it u mesti suke punyer..haha tu la i pon cam serabut gak slma ni tgk sidebar i tuh..haha tq en.zamri ^^


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