Dazzling Dinner@Kampung Daun, Bandung.

KAMPUNG DAUN (Culture Gallery & Cafe)
Triniti Villas
Jl. Sersan Bajuri km 4,7 No. 88 - RR1
PO Box 1657
Bandung 40154, Indonesia.
Tel: (62 22) 2787915 - 2784573

It was very peaceful, very natural and obviously Romantic! it is surrounded by the natural forest, natural sounds of the flowing water coming from the magical waterfall and the dim light igniting out from the hanging lamps all over the places. Oh, don't request me to describe on the detailed landscape there as the best word is it was freakingly stunning!

No, this is not a secret garden, it is actually a dining place that is secretly located in the hill of north Bandung, Indonesia. i guess, me and my mom were very lucky for having the chance making our visit there. thanks Allah. one word best to describe the place is absolutely PARADISE! (sorry, even the photos can't really showcase how fantabulous the place is. yup, you still need to be there!)

Literally, Kampung Daun means Village of Leaves and there is a chronological tale of its existence. it was started to develop in 1997 by a lady named Ruth Tamzil De Fernandes. do check out the inspiring full story in here

so, my first impression soon after i stepped into the restaurant is i was totally stunned by the nature beauty of it and i just can't stop from snapping my Canon. honestly, i was dying to get each and every angle of the place since each part has difference look and feel. besides, it feels like the place is having a never-ending length as when i kept walking into it, more spaces and more 'secrets' revealed.

If you notice, there is a waterfall in the bunch of photos up there. based on the tale, the villagers named it as a magical waterfall and it is not a man-made as i thought it was. then, the small hut is called as saung where the diner can laid-back and relax while enjoying the food. next special feature there is the bell to call the waiter which is being exhibit by me in the photo above. look at the one that i'm holding a long stick and ready to knock on a hanging bamboo. hehe..yup, as i claimed, every details is very unique!

Hot orange, Es kelapa muda, Bandrek
Es kelapa muda, Aqua(mineral water)
Nasi goreng kampung - Rp 30,000
Nasi timbel bakar - Rp 50,000
Nasi campur ala sunda - Rp 55,000
Gurgor Bumbu Cobek - Rp 85,000
Total Lost: Rp 291,000

Its very normal for me to elaborate on the extravaganza interior before talking about the food as whenever the place is attractively awesome like this. well, it doesn't mean that i'm not concern about the taste but i just try my best to appreciate the idealistic arts executed by the owner!

Honestly, the food is just so-so to me since its not my thingy. the nasi goreng kampung was not the best either since we(Malaysian) had a better choice here. then, i'm very pleased to try on the Indonesian traditional dishes such as the Nasi campur ala sunda and the Nasi timbel bakar. both are inclusive of the normal white rice but the only differ was the side dishes(lauk) its offered. personally, i am not really favour to eat the rice in a dry condition. hehe..give me more soup please~

However, the deep fried fish or the Gurgor bumbu cobek is worth to try on. although, the fish was being fried a bit too crispy, still its valuable for trying and for the money!

oh, the total lost was approximately ONLY RM90+ as being converted into Ringgit Malaysia. frankly, you can't get that same experiences with that same value here in Malaysia. seriously, you are most welcome to view my review on the Subak Restaurant, K.L which gave us the total lost of RM200+ in which the place was just like 1/4 of this Kampung Daun restaurant. CLICK HERE. hmmm..

thus, to summarize my whole experience here, i would like to recommend you guys to visit the place if you are planning to vacay in Bandung and do please have a taste on the food by yourself. it was seriously a priceless memory for us and thanks to Pak Achmad(our tour guide) for suggested the place yar.

HEART it!  :)

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  1. cantik tempatnya dan mknan nmpk sedap..:)

  2. mmg sgt sgt sgt cantik..tp food die biasa je la dear.mungkin sbb bkn mknn kt kot.. :)

  3. Harga ok ?
    Nk cuba la sini nanti...


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