FREE Beverage@Starbucks?!

Please know that this entry had undergo editing on the content due to the wrong information by the author.

First of all, i wanna apologize to the world especially all the Muslims as the previous post is kinda pro to the jahannam Israel's sight. Oh, please do not mistakenly judge me as it was an error when i'm not delicately aware of the fact that this brand is in the between of the bunch of those logos below.

So, let me share with you some of the brands which we all should stop buying! no matter you are Muslim or Non-Muslim as long as you've got the heart and the empathy in yourself towards the others or in a simple word, if you feel you are human, then SUPPORT IT! ^^

Honestly, i've got no problem with the others! huhu..well, it is just the addicted Starbuck and the french fries from the McD. wooohooooo...anyhow, it is part of jihad right? Insyallah, i will try my best!

So, today is ISNIN@Monday. so, it is quite a boring day but i'm sure it will turn out to be messy by this evening because i've got things to be settled down. hmm..can't wait to be a busy bee again~

hey, TQ for the reminder! ^^


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  1. I stop drinking @ Starbucks after what happen to Gaza.

  2. oH oh they r related?!?? bcoz i've once got the email bout d list of brands that we should STOP buying, there is no Starbuck in the list LOR...sooooo.....its not that i dont pray for our Muslim there dear.. ;'(

  3. OK OK will check it back..maybe sy xtgk betol2 kn...TQ for the reminding dear ;')


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