Bandung-Jakarta Day 3: "A Shorty Night"

Initiate the story with my outfit of the day. for clearer view and details, CLICK HERE. So, our 3rd day was the day of departure to Jakarta all the way from Bandung. we traveled by the taxi with the cost of Rp 700,000 (one-way). hmm..frankly, it was a bit expensive though but we  just proceed with it as we have no other choice. so, Bye-bye Bandung and Hello Jakarta! ^^

This were taken at the R&R which located on the way to the Jakarta city. sorry, don't know the name but i was impressed by the daring entrance and the beautiful view at the back of it. it looks like a big mall whereas it just a R&R?! haha..sometimes i know i could be a little too over-excited! So supposedly, the journey would took about 3 hrs but due to the massive traffic jam in the heart of Jakarta, we've spent another 3 hrs in the car........No photos since i just slept soundly at the back!

Sharp at 7p.m, we checked-in at the NOVOTEL HOTEL at Mangga Dua, Jakarta which was unplanned but seriously, i could never imagine staying in another hotel besides this superbly fabulous one. just look at the sneak peek photos above, they are already explaining how cozy and luxury the life is. no worry, i'd make a special review on the hotel later since i am freaking admire, adore and loving the 2 nights staying in there!

After enjoying the pool and taking a short rest, we could already heard the sounds of starving inside our stomach. based on my research, lot of people recommended to go to the Mangga Besar for getting the nice  and variety of food. so, we took the BAJAI(an auto transport as in the 4th photo) for the first time. i asked the driver to bring us to the Mangga Besar and he stopped us at a 'weird' street that lined-up the non-halal restaurants, then he leaved. Kuhang hasam betol! fortunately, we bumped onto a Muslim Indonesian, Pak Tata who showing the halal one and finally had a dinner with us.

So, it was a padang dishes which you can easily get in here, Malaysia. you don't have to ask as those variety dishes(lauk) will be served on your table and you could eat all of it or just choose the one that you want because the price will be charge for only the one that you've touched! since this is not the best place, i'd say that the taste was just so-so to me. anyhow, Thanks a lot pak yarr.. :)

We don't proceed to any other place since it was a tiring day. so, we just wanted to take a rest and enjoying the coziness of our fabulous room. thus, this is the stunning look of the night at Mangga Dua, Jakarta. love those vibrant lights, the urban look of it and the peaceful night since lot of the locals were going out of the city to celebrate the Eidul Adha on just the next day. so, it was just us! haha

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TQ for reading. will be continue soon....  :)


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  1. you and your mum sgt it..:)

  2. looks like u had tons of fun!!:)) arghh rindu nak mkn ayam penyetttt!!

  3. hehe tq asyik..yup my mom is quite fashionable for her age. ;') mesti beliau kembang giler klu die bace comment u nih..hahaha

  4. aisyah, ayam penyet kat AMINAH terbaek. u ade rase x dlu? haha..kat indon nih i xpekena pon ayam penyet mane2..haha such a waste jugak kn :(

  5. hahhaha x boleh dear nnt i xd maxi dress tribal dh! ahhahhaa this is d only one..cane??! =D


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