The story of the 'tayar'

Oh oh, admittedly this was happened on the last week when me and my babe were busying with the internship report submission. the 'tayar' story is actually started when we went to Wangsa Maju and felt the car is harrased shaking right to left. we were super shock looking at the full-air but seriously 'injured' tire at the front part. is badly damaged till we can see the wires sticking out from the rubber!!

anyhow, Alhamdulillah we are still alive today and nothing had happened on both of us. yup, it was night at 9p.m and no men are coming with us. so, we just stop at the nearest Shell station and asked for the worker there to lend us some hand. here is the MAIN REASON of this post as we are desperately wanna say THANKS A LOT to the abang at the Shell station and a very humble pakcik who left his own car and helping us til the end. Oh, we were sooooooooooooooooo touched by their kindness and concern towards us, seriously..

again, THANKS A LOT to both of you. hopefully, Allah will pay it soon...amin.. =)

then, this baby was taken to the workshop and everything is back to the normal condition. THANKS a lot to both my parents! hemmmmmmmmmm...however, the real story was actually REAL-bad and i just can't tale it here as it is my personal matter and i hate to publish it here..........i just can say that it was successfully gave me a BAD TIME for the whole week.... =(

OK, then wait for my happy-happy mode on the next post yarr.....xoxo

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  1. owh the real story must be REALLY2 BAD..can imagine that!

  2. suzai..ada sekali tu akak gi jj dgn kak ati, pastu tayar dia jd pancit jgk..dtg elok je..nk blik tgk dah pancit..ishhh macam bahaya je..kalau jd lg camtu, make sure jgn berenti kat tempat yg sunyi mahupun gelap tau..;)

  3. keep your car serviced dear.. nice blog anyway. :)

  4. OMG! nasib baik xda apa2 berlaku kan?

  5. encik billy..huhuu seriously it injured my heart, souln kidney..huhu..thanks for d concern yarr =(

  6. kak yana bucuk-->terima kasih akk ku sayang! =))

    wawa-->thanks a lot darl...tq soooooooooooooooooo much hopefully u keep on visiting in here yarr..hehe

  7. azham-->yup azham..alhamdulillah..time tu mmg ktorg gabra giler..but seb beik de shell dekat n still awal lg..huhu thanks GOD ^^


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