LOOK #34 - Take Out Your Slip Dress!

brown pashmina from Jln TAR, K.L
black cardigan from Cotton On
slip dress for a traditional wear
sequinned sandal from Nose

yup, this my very own SLIP DRESS TREND look that i've promised you on the previous post. Oh, if you doesn't read it yet, do please go and scroll it down because i'm just too tired to re-story it again here. make sure to READ IT HERE, Slip Dress The Twisted Style!

thus, this is just an effortless style which i'm pairing the dress with a cardigan (of coz to cover the sleeveless part of the dress~) and a long necklace. So, i'm trying to make the highlight on the scarf wrapping which inspired by the honey-bunny-Hana Tajima's look. love it, thanks a lot Hana! ^^

Oh, by the way, i was actually wore the same dress to a formal event. The famous MAYSAA event back then, remember? so, this is how you can execute the slip dress to a function without looking casual.


Oh, i know whats in your mind, "Eh, pendeknyerr budak ni?!" HAHAHA...ceh!

yup, actually it just work the same as the maxi dress, right?! the differ between those is this is a long-straight cutting dress and plainly plain garment which originally its BORING. now, you've already know how to switch the mode from boring to more happening, ok! ^^

hahahha.....lastly, lets say CONGRATULATION to me as i was succeeded to create 4 amazing posts for today updates. huhu..and sadly, this gonna be the short-hiatus since tomorrow i'll busy with some eid celebration with my friends and the next day gonna be the hectic day as it is my UNI REGISTRATION DAY.

yup, i'm back with studies! huhu..do i miss the classes, the quizzes, the assignments? Oh, NO i don't! haha...OK then, take my BYE-BYE and see ya on the next update and...............

do please MISS me ok?! hehehhehehhee.....  ^^

THANKS A LOT for all the following and the LOVE!


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  1. brpa tinggi u,, i takut pkai drss coz i will lot more pendek... n org peneng mmg always wear simple2,, klu i pkai evrybody msti tgk pnya....=P

  2. hahahaha..haiyoo i sgt pendek la 150 jerr..yup mule2 dlu pon slalu rse maxi dress xsesuwei but sfter tried it once then...wallahh im just fallin in luv w it..seriously we cn also wear it dear ^^

  3. seriously!! u 150,,, bt u look good wit mxi,, or anything u wear i pn lbih krang u jer,, pndek n more tembam than u.. mybe i need to be more slim to look gorgeous like u.. haha...

  4. what is slip dress, exactly, Suzai?? yes i ve read ur previous post, n stil dont get it! *slap myself* hahahahaa

  5. zulaiha-->hahahhaa...dear itu semua CAMERA TRICK shj..sy adlh pendek dan gemok lah..hhadoii..bru nk start diet blk nih =D maklumlah raya kn~ hehe

  6. icha-->hahahha..haiyooo its ok lah..ok in a malay@indonesia language we called slip dress as 'baju dalam' huhu..sounds bad rite..y dun u try 2 google d image n see it..hehe =D

    ok this is the full ori article..check it~ ^^


  7. nasha-->thanks a lot 4 loving mine yarr =) im glad u like it...hehe

  8. zulaiha-->hahahhaa...dear itu semua CAMERA TRICK shj..sy adlh pendek dan gemok lah..hhadoii..bru nk start diet blk nih =D maklumlah raya kn~ hehe

  9. hahaha... oke2, ubt am too lazy to search of it! :P

    n thx for ur sweet comment, Suzai.. x :)


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