Falling for Ikhwan Hotfm~

yup, that is IKHWAN. the dee-jay from the hottest radio in Malaysia, the HOT fm! they were having the outdoor recording and i was incoincidently shoping raya there with my mom and my sis. OK, i guess i'm quite a lucky one since i LOVE him and now, i've met him face-to-face and......................he is looking so handsome with that cacak-cacak hair~ (">.<) haiyooo..jatuh cinta dah~

HAHA...anyway, someone said that i'm so lucky living around K.L because i always get the chance to bump into celebrities. yup, it countless since i've already met tooo many local celebrities as well as INTERNATIONAL one but i still don't have the chance to meet my LOCAL IDOL who is akak ZIANA ZAIN tauw~ huhu.....dying to hug and kiss her and tell her that i was admiring her since i was 9 years old!

anyhow, back to Mr. Ihkwan. hehehe...after this short meeting in the crowded place of Jalan TAR, i'm so excited to turn on the radio everyday to only listen to his voice. haiyoooooooooooooo parah dah~ 

haha...i'm in LOVE with Mr. ikhwan! =D

then, dearest readers, do please patiently wait for my AIDILFITRI post yarr.... ^^


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  1. hahaha, you jumpa I haritu u x buat spesial blog post plak hahahahah

  2. hahah..tu y i nk wat gathering tuh...t i jnji i make a VERY special post just for u! oppss, make sure u wear that BRUNO'S hat k ^^ haha

  3. tq mayra..camat hari raya juge utk awk ^^


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