Preparation for Raya & The Last Iftar at Pappa Rich!

Salam Syawal..

oh, im so sure you guys are still in the mode of Raya, right? hemm...i guess i'm not since the mode was already gone after the 2nd raya...huhu..will tell you the day maybe~ now, let me ramble a bit about my Raya preparation that include the shopping at the chaos place in town.

see see..the shape of my face is already ROUNDED like a BEBOLA DAGING! =P

anyhow, let me make a short fashion post here. so, this is the very CASUAL-which-actually-the-REAL of ME outfit. the place was packed with people and the weather is hot as usual as 30 degree. be honest, i am always feel comfortable with the jeans and sandal walking in the crowded place of JALAN TAR, Kuala Lumpur. (sorry no pix because it was toooooooooo BUSY~)

yup, that is Malaysian's FAVORITE PLACE to go and shop for Raya preparation. guys, you can get anything there plus with the cheapest prices as long as you know how to make a good deal with the seller! just be as cruel as you can. i got those 3 HQ pashmina with only RM27 and my SUPER-GORGEOUS baju raya with only RM170! oh, ok it doesn't sounds so cheap but trust me, a boutique can sell it up to RM200++ ("~.~)

yeahhhh...take a sneak peak on my BAJU RAYA..huhu LOVE IT so much. no worry, i will specially make a post for it! ^^ so, after we've done shopping late at 7p.m, my mom, my sis and me quickly drive ourselves to Damansara to break our last fasting day there. unfortunately, the restaurant is close and the time was already 7.25p.m. we DON'T HAVE THE TIME and we only have the PAPPA RICH restaurant!

haha..yup, we have our last iftar there and we are so THANKFUL to them for being the only restaurant that available on the 30th ramadhan! congrates PAPPA RICH! =))


lastly, PAPPA RICH is not so bad for a good dinner LOL~ the nasi lemak is good but the fried rice is OK lah~ however, i'm still LOVING the coffee there. mine was the delicious white coffee. hemm...thinking of going there again, gathering and gossiping with my babes. gonna be fun! ^^

wait for more AIDILFITRI post yar...till then,


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  1. jarang makan kt PapaRich... sbb kureng minat hehehehe

  2. 1st time i masok si pappa ni..da lame nk rse coffee die but xsangka plak last2 g bukak pose kat cni..hahha y lein ok la tp nasi grg xsodaplah.. =)


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