[MV] Get Out by JYJ

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obviously, i've promoted this single in the previous-previous post but i still wanna share with you their cool MV here with the title "Get Out" . hemmm..all the fans must already know that there is another HOT single by JYJ which is "In Heaven" but personally i found this song is moooooorrrreeee addicting although the drama-type MV of the "In Heaven" is starring my cutie Kim Junsu!

however, i still LOVE the song as well as this one since both are totally in differ genre. so. talking about this MV, i should say that "omo.......micky and jaejoong is looking damn handsome~" huhu...no worry Miss Parhin and Wanie-chan because i will always LOVE my dolphin!

LOVE the chorus of the song especially when Junsu's part which when he goes high note. that is the reason why i LOVE this cutie guy because he is not just ADORABLE but JUNSU has a really powerful seductive  voice...omo...JUNSU OPPA SARANGHAEYO!!! (^,^)

huhu..i am so sad coz i'm not going to the Korean Wave Concert 2011.....need to save money lor. Oh, GD and Top, i'm sure will miss you guys the most!

lastly, JYJ is DAEBAK!! ^^

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  1. haiii Suzai, ive got something here for youu. check it out, please:


  2. Omo~~~ New short hair looks good on JJ. hehe~ But I still prefer him with longer hair~ Dreamy~~ ngehehe

    btw, congrats on making it on Sandra's top 30! :)

  3. icha-->thanks a lot darl..ive checked it but im surely will take time to do it ok..hopefully u dun mind yarrr..tq sooo much for d award ^^

  4. nana-->haiyooo..my sight is always on ONLY JUNSU ma..hahhaha neway yup he n micky are looking soooooooooooooo handsome kn..haha

    eh..thanks for telling me that gooood news..hehe


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