Dining in the Nando's

Nando's, the menu book
my sister with the model off-duty tiring look.....HAHA =D
some random photo that i LOVE

hemmmm....it looks like there are ONLY TWO 'F' in my life, Fashion and Food! haha..you know what? some of my readers here is actually my male friends who saying that they are silently following my blog just because of the food reviews here..! so, that is one of the reason i'm always mixing up both Fashion post and Food-related post together. hehe...thanks for that guys~

Hence, today gonna be talking about the 'Peri-peri chicken' restaurant called as Nando's (Alamanda in Putrajaya)  that i went with my sister and was successfully paid by her. hehehee...thank God for giving me a sister who LOVE to eat and LOVE to pay for me as well!

Opps, sorry back to the topic. yup, it called as Nando's and i guess lots of you already tried it since this is my first time and i'm assuredly think that this is nothing like the famous Kenny Rogers as both restaurant is serving the C.H.I.C.K.E.N!

Now, take a look at these scrumptious images before we're going on talking about the taste, the prices, the serve, the decors and so on and so forth!

recommended : the RED one~
mild sauce chicken with rice set - RM 13.90 (sorry, i don't really remember the name~)
peri-peri chicken (extra hot) with 2 add-ons set - RM15.90
(sorry, i don't really remember the name~)

Huuuuuuuuuuuuuu...i'm myself is drooling over the images! haha..yup, it was tasted as GREAT as the photo. first of all, the red drink is the recommended by the restaurant and yup, it feels like drinking a strawberry F&N combined with 7UP. hehe...sorry i don't also remember the name but you can order it by saying like "Bang, kasi air kaler merah satu!" =)

Then, chicken, chicken and chicken? haiyooo... nobody is hating that kind of mammal except those who experience any bad memory with it~ rugi betol lah! hehe..it was REAL-inviting as soon as it get into your mouth. the chicken was perfectly grilled and BIGGGG and the mild sauce tasted a bit cheesy which is SO TEMPTING. i don't know it depends on individual but for me this is really delicious and i'm loving it more than the peri-peri one!

Now, lets me define about those add-on. first, the rice is tasteless which mean i don't taste anything besides the rice itself and i'm highly recomended you to NOT ORDER THIS RICE SET. huhu...tak sedap lar~ so, just spend a little bit RM to order the 2 add-ons because the chips is better than the McD's french fries and the coleslaw salad is as good as the KFC's full mayo-coleslow! in order to clearly describing the taste, a comparison is a MUST! =)

yup, memang berbaloi-baloi~ Oh, btw, my sis is really loving the other add-on menu which is the corn. haha..yup, she kept on promoting the corn by telling me that the corn is super-sweet and super-good. thus, guys REMEMBER to pick the corn as one of your add-ons, OK. hahaha...

lallallalall lallalalla lallalla photos!

Next, you know what i'm going to ramble here. not the model-who-trying-to-be-kawaii but the DECOR! yup, it is as attracting as the other cozy restaurant. it give me some sort of wooden feeling as the main color is brown blending with some black equivalent to sophisticated! moreover, i love the dim lighting there which greatly reflecting the wood furniture and the nice blacky floor. yeahh, i was totally in LOVE with the lovely ambiance there~ ^^

OK then, i have to sleep as i've already started to be a student again and i've a 830 a.m class on tomorrow morning. be a student, attending classes, having a stress studying the courses after 4 months HOLIDAY at home is REAL-HARD. hahaha...will story about it more and more on the next post yarr...


*** the images are credited to SizzlingSuzai ***

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  1. WHAT? x makan yang Extra hot punya? x terer....hehe

  2. hahaha..hadoiii KENA sekali!haha..aah kak sy suke y mild tuh even de rse kakk punye extra hot..alaahhhh xd pedas mane pong~ poyo je extra~ =D

  3. great collection of images. love those sites!

    Glass of Fashion

  4. ijah-->hehehhee...MAKAN MMG BEST!!! hehehhe lepas mkn gemok LAGI BEST! =D

  5. lia-->oh thanks for dropping by in here... =)


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