My Campo2 Current Playlist [Sept '11]

By Thursday, September 22, 2011 ,

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10 : Mr. Simple by Super Junior [K-pop]

09 : Kisah Hati by Alyah

08 : Runaway Baby by my only Bruno Mars

07 : Roly Poly by T-ara [K-pop]

06 : Click Clack Away by Diggy Simmons ft my only Bruno Mars

05 : Catch A Grenade (The Hooligans Remix) by my only Bruno Mars

04 : Moves Like Jagger by Maroon 5 ft Christina Aguilera

03 : Good-bye Baby by Miss A [K-pop]

03 : On A Rainy Day by Beast [ballad K-pop]

02 : The Story Only I Didn't Know by IU [ballad K-pop]

01 : Pray by Sunny Hill [ballad K-pop]

*** all the K-POP songs are highly recommended especially 
the first 3 songs which are SUPER ADDICTED! hahahhahah....hey i'm so serious here! (,") ***

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  1. dah agak..mesti ada banyak Bruno Mars jek..hehe

  2. baru nk carik utk dgr lagu2 ni jai..hehe

  3. k.ogosh-->HHAHAHHAHA....yup mmg kna expect camtuh pong!haha =D

  4. yana bucuk-->ehh sume wajib dgr nih..yup especially 5 terbaek tuh...alahh kolayan je k-pop2 ni kn..serius tangkap leleh beb! (T__T)


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