Model Off Duty??

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No worry girls, i'm not saying that we all should own a skinny leg as those in the photo above because we are the REAL-GIRL who was not born as a model. Yup, they were all the runaway models. The real one but this is ain't the VOGUE mag's photoshoot, this is just the snazzy streetstyle look by them on a normal day.

For those who don't really into the FASHION world, you might wanna know that 'Model Off-Duty' is a new trend developed by the professional/non-professional photographers which exhibiting the streetstyle looks by the so-called runaway models OFF the stage!

Why do i LOVE them? first of all, i should again state that i'm crazy over the streetstyle more than the high-fashion or any other kind of fashion industrial and besides the fact that this kind of style is simply casual, laid-back, comfy-is-a-must and still STYLISH in its own way......

Thus, prominently this is just some random examples that i took from the streestyle tumblr and i'm freaking ADORE it. Truly, they are just as admirable as when they were ON the stage, right? heemmmm....i must say that even when a beautiful woman wearing an ugliest closet, they will still ended-up beautiful because it might be that its not the closet that we count! haha..poor me~

Anyhow, i just wanna share some of the awesome blog/tumblr of a bundle of MODELS OFF DUTY STREETSYLE kind of photos. just go and check them!

Carolines Mode | Stockholm Streetstyle

Then, i promise you that i'll share an article on HOW TO STEAL THE MODELS OFF DUTY kind of style/pose/whatsoever in the next or maybe the other next post, OK? lastly, lets together be inspired. ^^


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  1. oh. baru tau there's such a trend called 'Model Off-Duty'. kat malaysia dah ada ke style gini?

  2. bestnya kalau dapat jadi se'natural' ituh..hukhuk

  3. en.billy-->hehe tulah dorg ni mmg mcm2..msia xd lg rsnyer alah model kt pon bp rmai je pon lg pon dorg slalu attact runaway show y grand2 cam Paris fashion week bgai.. ^^

  4. k.ogosh-->hahahah sy pon xdpt nk jd senatural itu lg pon..dah la PENDEK xd ghupe model lnsung!! =D

  5. Beautiful photos and outfits! The second is my favorite! :))

  6. heheh..its all copyright from the credit stated..thansk dear for visiting mine here ^^ love ya..


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