LOOK #33 - As Green As the Eid

Still Salam Syawal.. ^^

personally, i LOVE the 1st pix soooooooo much as it looks sooo classy with that rattan swing (rase nak bawak balik jerrr) , the cute garden with all the ducklings and those ketupat hanging on the roof. its just so perfect for an Eid outdoor photoshoot! hahaha...you wanna know where is this awesome location? it was in one of my mom's friend house. so, THANKS a lot to aunty Nor for ignoring my bad habit which i just can't stand to pose at a beautiful places~  =))

hemmm....i'm back with the mode of eid. yesterday, i have bragged on to you about my super gorgeous 1st eid outfit and now let me share with you my 2nd one. haha..this was actually bought 2 years ago but i just wore it like 2 times, so why don't i save my money and just wear it again for this year eid?! since it looks as new as it was bought, the color is still as green as the grass and i just can't ignore the fact that i don't post it in this blog yet. therefore, this is the right moment for it~

muke yang soooo SEWEL! =P

OK, i know you are quite annoyed by this pose (so am i~ huh!) but it is the only full-length look that have been captured, so just go with it LOL. the part that i love about this garment is the ribbon on the middle which it tend to makes me look slimmer. hehe...yup, it is the wicked SAME REASON FOR ALL MY OUTFIT, slimmer and slimmer! Oh, one more thing sorry for the flat below as nobody wanna walk on the mud in their heels coz it is kampung lor~ ("^.^)

obviously, this one is simpler and more modest compare to my 1st one but i still love it. CLICK HERE to view the very glamorous of the 1st look!

then, SELAMAT HARI RAYA and lets continue celebrating the 30 days of this Syawal.

* image is credited to the photographer SuzieJane (my sis ^^) *

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  1. +1 Hyped! haha..
    u look gorg in Guhh-reennn! teehee..

  2. hahaha..hype it soo when i upload it in the LB or..hahah thanks icha!! still wanna wish u selamat hari raya!! ^^

  3. baju raya saya warna hijau hitam..:)

  4. nikisa-->hahah..sy hijau putih..jom kt lawan sape nye combo lg lawa..haha =D thanks for visiting yarr dear..

  5. nadia-->tq..i got it for only rm15 lor.. =)


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