Slip Dress the Twisted Style

Back with FASHION!

girls, although we doesn't experience any season here in Malaysia but right now, it is about Fall 2011 trend. The trend on wearing your Slip Dress as the outer wear! If you doesn't have any idea on what is actually a 'Slip Dress'. Then, try to google the image and it will clearly explain it to you! haha..

yup, it is an inner wear which a woman usually wear inside the peek-a-boo outfit. So, the detailed of this kind of garment is not a body-con type which is it will not curving your curve. In a simple word, it is just a straight and simple cut dress especially the long slip dress.

frankly, the trendsetter is non-other than a fashion mogul, Ashley Olsen as well as Zoe Kravitz. Solely, i love Ashley's way of wearing it more as she casually works it with only a flat and still able to make the slip dress looking like an expensive maxi dress. Thus, what you need is an expensive bag on the hand, thats all! haha..lets SEE and COPY IT~ ^^

besides, you can also style it with a heel as in the look of Kristen Dunst's. it looks sooo sweet, huh?! but as i told you before, i love simplicity and comfy. so, i go with the flat, flat and flat! 

yup, this twisted style can also been wear to a formal event. now, you need a pair of high-heeled or else you will ended up looking like a girl doing some running an errand at those events. haha..ok take a look at these celebs who looking glamorous just in a slip dress! 

This is what people say, simple yet stylish! Hence, for those who still doesn't own any maxi dress, don't worry girls, just take out the long inner dress that you'll wear with the sheer traditional kebaya and you are so ready to pull out this look. Oh, i've already captured my own slip dress trend look!!

OK, fashionista lets together be inspired. adios amigos!

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  1. wah. nice. nty nak try jugak ah :D

  2. tq fathiyah..yup should try it also! t da post pic...share la ngan i yerr hehe


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