Boston Restaurant in AEOn Bukit Tinggi

Location : Aeon Bukit Tinggi Shopping Centre, Klang
Tel         : 03-33262702

Yeahhh....this is my most favorite one, reviewing about the latest restaurant that i went and talking about food! Assuredly, this is a boat-with-the-steam (steamboat) concept restaurant which served you nothing like the Johnny's Restaurant and the Shabu-Shabu Restaurant. Its all the same steamboat concept which you have to cook your dishes by yourself. Thus, now let me define the differences between those in terms of variety of the food, the concept and the most crucial one, THE PRICING! hehe

First of all, i was attracted to the table which located the hotpots in it. It was made one for each diner means you don't have to share with others and freely to fill up your own type of soup's stock whether chicken soup or tomyam. Moreover, you can control the heat by adjusting the temperature controller that attached to the table!


If i'm not mistaken there are 3 choices of set for the steamboat items which are single, couple and family. Besides, you can also add-on individual plates if you are thinking the set is not enough because it started with as lower as RM1.00/plate and the contain is satisfying compare to the Johnny's Restaurant's individual plate. I told you that the Johnny's uncle is REAL-stingy!

Then, we've ordered the family set and our table was full with all the steamboat stuff, the meat, the seafood, the veggies, the mee and etc. We've also separately added 3 bowl of corn rice, 1 chinese fried rice and 1 bowl of ice-cream. So, this is the pool of food look-a-like.....Walllahhhhh!

Honestly, this kind of big portion can support like 6 to 8 people because the items is generous. In the other word, the set is satisfying with the price which for us here the total for all the orders is RM150+. yup, including lots of the add-on dishes, the drinks and the GREAT AMBIANCE of the restaurant itself.

I should apologize for not capturing the nice decor of the restaurant as i was toooooo busy breaking my fast and running for the Maghrib prayer. time for the camera, so this is just what i've got and go with it lah~ hehe

Oh, i should not left this cute glass for our drink. i know nowaday, lots of restaurant already used this type of jar to replace those boring glasses, but this is my very-first time drinking in it and i was very excited about it. hehehehehe... ^^

Lastly, i rate this cozy restaurant as 4 out 5 as the food and the drink are good but the tomyam soup was not as GREAT as the Johnny's Restaurant, seriously. Furthermore, i have to agree to the saying that we've paid for the cozy ambiance of the restaurant more than the food itself., it depends on your choice but i should say that this restaurant is really WORTH to try on!

OK then, thanks for reading...........xoxo

*** Image is credited to SizzlingSuzai and info is credited to PureGlutton ***

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  1. saw u during ramadhan kat area sini... dalam butik guess... shopping raya maybe..

  2. lahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..nape xtego?! huhu..yela sy lah tu kot..hopefully we cn meet again erk ^^

  3. nak tegor... tapi nmpk kusyuk betul.. takut mengganggu konsentrasi u memilih baju lak.. hehehehe.. maybe.. next time.. i'll make sure i'll jerit dari jauh!! AWAK SIZZLING SUZAI KAN????? hehehehe

  4. hahahhaha...kusyuk USHA harga bkn beli pong! hahaha..ok ok insyAllah we'll meet again in d future..n i'll shout u JAMEELA kn! haha =D


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