[Movie REVIEW] Bini-biniku Gangster

F.Y.I, i already posted my pre-prediction about this romantic-comedy-action movie at CLICK HERE. yup, it is a local picture produced by the famous Metrowealth Pictures and successfully, lined-up 3 Malaysian fav actors, my sweety-bf Shaheizy Sam feat Yana Samsudin and Intan Ladyana.


Basically, it tales on a complication between the gangster groups in town that need to be re-unite in order to live in peace. so, the big-boss suggested to combine those groupies by marrying their descendant. somehow, three of them were keeping their own secret about who they really are without noticing that this was actually a planning by the mastermind.

So, the chaos started on when Herry (Sam) is marrying Reanna (Intan) for her 2nd wife. after a while, Manja (Yana) get to know that Reanna was only agreed to marry because she wanna take revenge on her (Manja) by using her husband. This is when they both keep on fighting with each other and in the same time trying their best to hide their original identity as a gangster leader from their innocent hubby!


firstly, i was super excited to support this local film when i gotta watched the trailer few days ago. so, last saturday, me and my sister bought a midnight tix and eagerly ready to laugh at the funny scenes of the film since they claimed that this is a comedy type of movie.

personally, i think that the plot of the story started a bit slow and to be honest, it kind of bored to wait for the funny scenes to occur. it was like i've keep on waiting for them which just appeared after like 1/2 hour of the story! LOL~ and it is the scene by my cutie-bf Sam with Intan, haha..tq for that super miang 1st night scene! haha =D

however, i'm so glad to say CONGRATULATION to Miss Yana as she is giving out a good acting especially on the action parts. i think she did a good job! Oh, for sure she needs more more practice but anyhow, compare to Intan's, she is way way better! seriously, Yana is looking gorgeous fighting in a skirt and a red leather jacket. ^^

although they deserve to get 4 for the great acting but they decreased it on the poor comedy and action parts. thus, i'm ranking this movie as 3 out 5 sizzling stars! huhu..

OK lor..actually, i'm super tired and sleepy right now as i'm not replacing my sleeping time yet. HAHA..so, good night peeps and sorry for the slow updates in here. huhu..i am a bit busy with the studies plus the connection is a bit bengong also meh~ =P

I AM SO PROUD to be MALAYSIAN and I AM SO PROUD to be a local film supporter!

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  1. hehe..tunggu kuar kat youtube je la nak tgk....sebab my hubby x fan sangat citer2 melayu....

  2. hahha..actually sy pon jarang but lately ni cam selalu plak layan malay movie kn..haha thats mean dorg da berjaya menarik minat ramai pnonton ke pawagam..hehehhe


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