Fabulousity by Rizalman

* speechless *

* double speechless *

Ok, jaw dropping or what, just remember to close it back because this is just like 3/4 of the collections! yup, it is specially designed for this eid by one of Malaysian Most Favourite Designer a.k.a one of my designer idol, RIZALMAN IBRAHIM!

hemmm...what else can i define about those two designs here which is my most FAV among all of his eid 2011 collection. it is super classy (my current fav word~), the cutting is real-alluring, the traditional touch is real-detailed although it looks like an urban dress but somehow its still there and lastly it is absolutely admirable!

yup, admirable to have it~ ("^.^) no worry, if one day a Dato' or even a Dato's son is proposing me, i'm surely will immediately call you for my wedding dressessss! haha..eh, eh I AM SO SERIOUS here coz i adore his works since loooooong time agoooooooooooooo~  hahahhaa....be ready future hubby! =D

thus guys, to view more of his awesome designs or maybe you are interested to get his handmade for your own wedding, Oh, don't hesitate to visit his personal blog at FABULOUSITY BY RIZALMAN or his FB or just straight away call him at 03-21416149!

lastly, Rizalman is always the Fabulous..

*** images are credited to FABULOUSITY BY RIZALMAN ***

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  1. its so beautiful.. really love it.. :)

  2. huhu..kalau banyak duit dah confident dah p order...

  3. normala-->right, macam nak gigit2 jer..coz xdapat kn...hahahha..thanks for checking my blog here dear ^^

  4. k.ogosh-->mmg kak klu sy ni anak org kaya..dah lame dah sgl jenis baju tempah kat die jer..especially wedding la kn..coz die punyer design mmg terbaik!! suke giler!

  5. so true! very sexy and super classy. gosh would love to put that on me now now if only i have the moolah. hmm

  6. and soooooooooooooooo jealous! haha..bcoz we cn afford it! =D haha


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