A New Single from my Bruno Mars "It Will Rain"

omg...omg...omg...if you are here in front of me, you would probably can see the sparkling igniting in my eyes. my only baby BRUNO MARS gonna come out with his new single call " It Will Rain" which is officially one of the soundtrack from the awaited film, the TWILIGHT SAGA: Breaking Dawn.

i LOVE the film and now, i LOVE it more........haha..since Bruno is part of it! =D

omo...i'm sure this single is in a ballad genre and gonna be as heartbreaking as my foerever fav, Grenade! ohhh, i just can't wait to listen and feel the emotional of the song~ haiyooooo...i knew that i'm so over-reacted here but who cares baby coz Bruno says it is better if you don't understand! hahahhaa...ok that was a bruno's song title ~

and this statement will surely making you more annoyed because this single HAS NOT RELEASE yet! =P

“It Will Rain” will be available worldwide* exclusively on iTunes this Tuesday, September 27th.
*UK single will be available October 31st.
The soundtrack album will be available everywhere November 8th.
Come back to BrunoMars.com this Tuesday (9/27) to hear ‘It Will Rain’!

thus, no worry as you know that i SURELY will share it here AS SOON AS it is being release on this coming tuesday! lets, wait for it yarrr...

dearest Peter Gene Hernandez, I LOVE YOU like i'd catch a grenade for ya....haha

*** The info and the pix are HIGHLY credited to brunomars.com ***

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