JYJ - Get Out (In Heaven)

Anyeong haseyo.. ^^

Oh, it looks like today is a day of music non-stop since i've been posting all the latest mp3 in my playlist. sorry guys, now its all about my main addiction, the K-POP!! 

deh, it is a highlight on the awesome threesome, the JYJ (Jaejoong Yuchun and my Junsu). they just came out with a new single In Heaven and the latest one, GET OUT! besides, we are all so excited waiting for the full MV of the 'In Heaven' to be release!

heemmm....CLICK HERE to download the GET OUT single and watch the teaser here which starring my cutie dolphin, Kim Junsu. omo.....oppa kwiyupta!!! =))

In Heaven MV Teaser (Junsu version)


when this is fully done, i'm sure it gonna be the next sad korean typical MV. hemmmmm....he must be in an accident at the end right? but i just wanna know what is the thing that makes her cry....

lastly, i have to say this although i know the K-pop fans will hate me. personally, i think JYJ is way way better than TVXQ lor~ so, i hope U-know and Changmin can quickly finish the contract with SM and again combine with the former members J-Y-J. then, i'm sure they gonna be as superb as they was!

I really miss the old Dong Bang Shin Gi....  (T__T)

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