Mirror - Lil wayne ft BRUNO MARS

obviously, this photo was captured on the 'Lighter' set of Eminem's ft my baby here. i just love this super-cool pic and thats the reason of it is being attached here. hehe..out of topic!

Oh my, what? you don't even listen to this Top 10 Billboard ranking, "Lighters" yet?? Arghh, no worry. i've already post it loooooong time ago.. CLICK HERE

ok now, as the title above, it is the brand-new collaboration of Bruno Mars after the Billboard ranked, Lighters. personally, i LOVE this song more as the "mirror on the wall, here we are again" which is Bruno's part sounds sooooooooooooooo addictive!

Just PLAY it lol~

Lil_wayne_ft._bruno_mars - mirror

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haha..you all should know that i'm CRAZEEEYYY over him. so, i'll CRAZEEEYYYY over all of his songs!

dear Peter Gene Hernandez,
i'll always LOVE you no matter what...

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