Click Clack Away - Diggy Simmons ft BRUNO MARS

Owhh owh...full of seductiveness!

As usual, the image has nothing to do with the tittle. well, atleast a bit. oppss..lot of byte! it is a fresh collaboration of my baby, Mr. Bruno Mars with Diggy Simmons (don't ask me who is it coz i ain't know him too~) entitled 'CLICK CLACK AWAY'.

yup, yesterday i'm posting about the famous 'Mirror' featuring him with Lil Wayne right? CHECK IT IN HERE. but now, i'd say i'm fanning this song more that that one. seriously, the chorus part which sang by him is really catchy and it will make you wanna together singing..

you shot me through the heart
starring in your eyes
so i might die a happy man today
just empty out you barrel girl
it's alright 
click clack away

Enjoy it! ^^

 Diggy Simmon ft. Bruno Mars - Click Clack Away
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last but always in the list..dear Peter Gene Hernandez,

i'll always CATCH A GRENADE for ya baby...

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