LOOK #32 - This Egyptian celebrating Eid!

Salam Syawal..

Happy Eid to all the Muslim readers here, thanks for checking on my blog although you are still busy with the 7th day of this festive! wish you guys had a blissful celebration and don't forget that there are some parts of the world that don't experience the luxurious life as we are here...Alhamdulillah..

thus, lets straight away go to the main reason of this post which is i'm so excited to share with you this year eid's outfit. yup, that was on the very 1st day when i am still in the mode of eid and in the mode of dressing up myself looking beautifully from head to toe~

so, i got this super gorgeous outfit at only RM170 and i'm so satisfy with it. it was made from a chiffon material which is so flowy, very detailed and classy! to be honest, i adore the Egyptian look on this garment which i feel like a newborn Cleopatra is celebrating the eid. haha...

to be specific, i love the detail of the sleeve sooooooooo much. take a look at the 'zoom-in' pix below.

yup, there is a lace sleeve underneath the baggy one. haha..don't know the exact name of this kind of sleeve but usually you will get to see it on the kaftan garment. Oh, mine here is called as baju kurung moden in malay. i'm sure all the girls love to wear it as it helps to line up our curve and making us look slimmer! hehe...

haha..btw, i remember one thing wearing this so-glamour outfit is i'm not able to do any household works and i need to stay as gorgeous as i can. IT WAS ALL BECAUSE OF THE SLEEVE! hahahha..it prevented me from washing the plates. taking the food that seating across the table and eating clumsily as the color is whitey white! Haiyoooooooo...it is really a tiring day~

then, thats all for now and i'm sure will continue posting about this year eid celebration although i don't really feel anticipate about it~ hemmm.....i guess i just LOVE the shopping part. thats it!  =P

anyhow, i always pray that no other people is experiencing the same eid as me. OK peeps..


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  1. super gorgeous outfit~~
    hrga pon bleh thn jgk...

    hahaha,,, stay with yr gorgeous look while eating lemang,, i can imging how u need to keep look gorgeous all day.. haha

  2. baju rayaku sepasang je. tu pn simple gileeeee Y____Y nk bju lgi :p

  3. mmg cantik sangat...Selamat Hari raya dik..

  4. zulaiha-->tqvm dear...hahhaa..yup its really tiring nk stay SOPAN spjg mase..nk mkn ketupat ngan kuih lodeh plg payah takot terpecik =D haha..

  5. farihah-->my secret og the gorgeous outfit for all the raya is....I BELI SEPASANG je xpnah lebeh pon sbb tu ble bli mahal terus..hahhah xde back-up pon..satu je =D

  6. k.ogosh-->thanks..SELAMAT HARI RAYA juge kak..meh la dtg umah sy..hehe ^^

  7. hana and fathiyah-->THANKS A LOT dear.. ^^ selamat hari raya!!

  8. owh wow!! i love ur baju.. RM170?? murahnyerrrr..beli kat mane? super hawt okay!!

  9. haha,, i always be yr silent reader la,, jgn risau, i read all yr n3,, that why yr link ada kat blog i.. hehe

  10. iliya thanks a lot for loving it ^^

    kat jln TAR je dear,antra kdai2 kat ctu la..dlm2 celah2 sket..hehe xtau nmae kdai la..huhu harga ok kn~

    so thats hw we can get the same GREAT things w the exclusive boutique but w the lower price.. ^^ quality same temp je beza. so...y choose the mahal one kn.. =))

  11. zulaiha-->haiyoo..THANKS A LOT for reading all of it..its really a meaningful thing to me..huuhu dats one of the reason y i hv less post here coz I WANT PPL TO READ it not just following mine here..

    terima kasih ya dear~ (T__T) hehe..muke terharu!


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