Ramadhan Kareem: where did the SYAITAN go!

The standard sermon for Ramadan goes something like this: 

“Dear brothers and sisters! Allah Almighty open's the gate of Heaven in this month. Satan is locked up in Hell so he cannot mislead those who are fasting. The reward for good deeds is multiplied 10 times in this month. Allah Almighty becomes very generous in this month and forgives the previous sins of those who fast.” And so on.

"Sesungguhnya Nabi SAW telah bersabda : Apabila tibanya bulan Ramadhan, dibuka pintu-pintu syurga, dan ditutup pintu-pintu neraka dan dibelenggu syaitan-syaitan.." 

Hadis ini diriwayatkan Bukhari dan Muslim.


Happy Fasting to all the Muslims all over the world. day by day had passed and tonight gonna be the 8th night of this Holy Ramadhan. so, we have another 22 days people! haha..honestly, Alhamdulillah...i don't feel any distressful during the last 7 days since this had been my routine in every year for ages!

OK back to the tittle above. HAHA..seriously, i'm not scared watching any horror movies at NIGHT and ALONE during this holy month. (hehe..i meant after the terawikh and so on lah kan~) why? it is because in a hadith saying that all the syaitan/satan had been locked up for this whole 30 days and i always believe that GHOST IS NOT EXIST since there is NO SYAITAN! hehe... =))

however, the hadith above had defined by 2 views from 2 differ scholars!
(this summary of the definition is written by me using my own understanding, therefore if there is any MISTAKES on the info/inappropriate words do please CORRECT me a.s.a.p)

the first one is by Imam Nawawi Rahimullah who stated that it can be define as a symbolic of this holy ramadhan since all the Muslims are fasting and struggling doing good deeds, so the syaitan has NO job. thus, we can assume that the syaitan has been locked up!

the second view is an opinion by Al-Hafiz Ibnu Hajar Al-Asqalani who saying that the syaitan really had been locked up physically in the aim of reflecting this HOLY Ramadhan!

hence, both scholars viewed it as symbolically and physically. however, both opinions are not going against with each other. thus, lets FASTING because it helps to clean our physically, mentally and spirituality!


source from mymasjid.net.my

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