Yuna's IAMJETFUEL magazine!

CLICK HERE to clearly view it in HQ format.

this is real AWESOME, Yuna! i'm not sure is this already in store or just an ONLINE open publication, however i think you can probably start to think about selling the next issue at the store. huhu...for sure, i'm gonna be one of the loyal buyer!

credited the info to susugoodday ^^

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  1. hey there uni-mate :D selamat b'puasa ..hehe

    ps: i love caroline n tyler too. too darn cute!hoping season 3 will have more of them :D :D

  2. haha..thanks slmat berposa juger..huhu kn kn they r soo cute tp care ngan ex die pon sweet juger..haiyooo konpius! tp max da xnk care so...lets gv it to tyler r! =D


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