Yuna's IAMJETFUEL magazine!

By Tuesday, August 09, 2011 ,

CLICK HERE to clearly view it in HQ format.

this is real AWESOME, Yuna! i'm not sure is this already in store or just an ONLINE open publication, however i think you can probably start to think about selling the next issue at the store. huhu...for sure, i'm gonna be one of the loyal buyer!

credited the info to susugoodday ^^

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  1. hey there uni-mate :D selamat b'puasa ..hehe

    ps: i love caroline n tyler too. too darn cute!hoping season 3 will have more of them :D :D

  2. haha..thanks slmat berposa juger..huhu kn kn they r soo cute tp care ngan ex die pon sweet juger..haiyooo konpius! tp max da xnk care so...lets gv it to tyler r! =D


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