my aimless Aim for every Ramadhan =))

Performing Full Terawikh :

obviously, it will not gonna be FULL!!! know the reason. =D however, i'll always try my best to fully perform this solah sunnah since it will comes once per year, right?! hehe..saya akan berusaha keras walaupun ada jugak yang bakal terskip erk~

Khatam The Qur'an :

as you all know that this Holy month is the month of the Quran and you are preferable to khatam the Quran if you are able to do it, right? so, this is also listed in my aim for every Ramadhan. hemmmm...honestly it is not achieve yet though it the end of the month, i always busying myself with the eidulfitri preparation...LOL~ thus, i hope this target can be achieve for this Ramadhan 2011. InsyAllah.... ("^_____^)

Healthy DIETING : 

HAHAHHA...this is the crucial one and it is also happening right on this moment. sadly it always ended up the same, means that NO LIMITATION during the iftar time and NO SKIPPING the sahor! haha..neway i still hoping that it will succeed for this ramadhan. lets pray for my triumph!

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