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OH MY don't look at me while you are lying on a coach like that! (",")

haiyooo yooo yo..i know i shouldn't post any horny-pony entry on this holy month. hehehehehehe...sorry i just couldn't help it when it comes to talk about my dearest baby here!

lalalalalla...lets skip all the sweet-sweet talk about him and just proceed to the main reason of this post. yup, it is a VIDEO of Mr. Mars with his best buddy, Philip singing on a song about a CHIPC a.k.a keropok jerr named as POPCHIPS! hahahhahha..i remembered in an interview, Bruno mistakenly said popchips as a POP CHICKS!! he is the funniest + dirtiest man on earth~ =D

now, TRUST ME this is REAL-FUNNY because those guys are soooo emotionally praising the chips! hahahhaa..they even made it sounds romantically (with the Ohh yeahhh...yeahhh..ahakksss and so on) like it was a first sight love when first time they ate the chips! 

hahaha...TRUST ME also that the melody is sooooooo as lovely as "marry you" especially the chorus part which is...

always be my sour cream & onion, i love the way you taste
sour cream & onion, i want you all over my face

ok, actually the title of the song is "LOVE GONE SOUR". haha..i laughed so hard for this, seriously!

LOVE the minute of 0:22 when Bruno says "Damn...." huhu...and 1:22 when he starts talking bout it sweetly sweet...OH GOSH, i guess he talking bout me! hahahha...i know, i'm sooo crazeeeyyy bout him!

and the minute of Philips lying on the piano is totally hilarious. is at 2:00 and not forgetting the finger licking goods at 2:27. guys are BOKED! =D 

THANKS baby for making my day. 


Peter Gene Hernandez, 

you know that i'm totally in LOVE with you right?! >.<

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  1. Suzai, you da sampai tahap fanatik ni...apa lagi, cepat2 la suruh Encik Bruno masuk meminang...

  2. haiyooo..AZHAM if can lor..for sure i already FORCE him to marry me as soon as possible tau!!! =D die kna convert ISLAM dlu la klu die xnk..hemmmmmmmmmmmmmmm kna cari org lein lah! hahha


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