STYLE to steal : Blake Lively

first and foremost, BLAKE is not a black but she is so beautifully fair. know i'm jocking, so please laugh! for your acknowledgement, this pretty woman is one of my fashion icon and i adore her simple yet stylish especially on her every casual look. i'm talking about the Gossip Girl, Blake Lively!

prominently, this is a second post of 'STYLE to steal' which is the first one was focusing on Emma Watson's stunning red carpet looks. CLICK HERE to view it! 

while, right now i will love to pointing out Miss Lively's CASUAL LOOK since this is the main reason of me admiring her as my fashion inspiration. she always look so fabulous and so stylish even on her daily outfit. yup, she is nothing different compare to Serena Van Der Woodson neither on or off the girly Gossip Girl.

lets take a sneak peek on some of her duty-off actress look. be ready coz this is really an on-going pix!

Pants / Tops

Oh, i'm totally in love with her simple casual look with only jeans and tops! yarr...everyone know that skinnies can work out any ugly tops amazingly, to get the maximum result is pair them with the killer heels. nah, you will easily be the chic of the town.

as you can see up there, Blake likes to only wear a plain white top for the inner and she brilliantly covers it with any vest/jacket and a nice necklace is a must! its very easy to steal the style, hemmmm....i'm so excited to show you mine. just wait for ya..ok~ (quickly run to the store to buy the skinny!)

Skirts / Dresses

i guess, she rarely wears skirts for the casual wears but anyhow, to steal her's here is super easy. just grab on any maxi dress in you wardrobe and pair it with nice flats! hemm..........prominently for the hijabi girls, you have 2 choices to cover the upper part which are inner and cardii. personally, i HATE inner and i LOVE cardii. why? because inner makes me look UGLY and FATTY. HAHAHA....

The HOT Red Carpet

2009 Emmy Awards

MET Costume Institute Gala 2009 in Versace

BAFTA, brits to watch gala in Marchesa Spring 2011 collection

2011 ELLE Style Awards

2011 Teen Choice Awards

huhu..nothing i can say about her super HOT red carpet looks as it is crystal-clear that she did not disappointing the media, the fashionista and the fans everytime she walked on the aisle of any events. the dresses are always gorgeous on her voluptuous body and the colors are bold enough to catch a glimpse!

lastly, you are most welcome to check on...

therefore, girls i hope you are inspired enough by all this Blake's style rambling. what can i wrap up from all of this is Blake Lively is the rise of a new Hollywood fashionista and currently, she is my FASHION IDOL, fashion icon and fashion inspiration! HAHA...if Blake is reading this, you have to know that i'm FANNING you and i LOVE you girl! ^^

Thanks for reading peeps, xoxo

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  1. bestnya ada kaki kecik macam tu kan..mana link...xle klik pun...

  2. haha tulah psl klu sy y pkai skinny sexy mexxy jdnyer! =D nak nak nak knala kurus dlu ek! huh!
    hahah kak belom letak link xd lg..pix pon xtangkap lg..hahahha =D
    sorry diatas ksulitan y berlaku!

  3. she is indeed a great fashion icon! adore her so much! :)

  4. shes loosing her weight n shes qt everywhere with dresses/skirts


    her casual is magic. and, i adore her smile OMG so fresh yeah LIVELY :)

  5. najlaa n farihah-->she is absolutely LIVEly kn..yup her casual is MAGIC, everything is so perfect w her! *envy*

  6. I fell in love with her fashion sense after watching gossip girl!

    Hehe I wrote about it at

    Gorgeous kan!!


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