I'm just a normal girl on the FB

one good day, i opened up the FB and checked on his profile and Taa..daaaa he is in relationship!
no it is still OK for me~

another one good day, i opened up the FB and checked on his profile and Taa..daaaa he is engaged!
no this is totally NOT OK for me~

then, i clicked on the UNFRIEND and REMOVE as a friend forever!
no how can he be my friend...
when i'm still 'like' him more than a friend~

huhu...if you are wondering who is this guy and how did we met and what is my relationship with him? huh, it is a long-long-long tale to be tell here and for sure i won't do it because ME AND HIM is prominently a HISTORY...

to that guy who's being the first person blah-blah-blah. THANKS for giving me a nice moment to be remember and i pray for your happiness of the marriage..amin...

p/s : DON'T INVITE me to the wedding because i won't go and i don't think i'm interested though....

ok, this is 100% emotional;y sad song which is always be my fav! trust me you will feel like wanna cry all of sudden whenever you heard this song. huhu....PLAY it!

'Where You Are' by Jessica Simpson ft Nick Lachey

Copy of Jessica Simpson - Sweet Kisses - 03 - Where You Are (featuring Nick Lachey)

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oh btw, The MV is Super romantic. LOVE to share it here but i failed to embed it.
then, CLICK HERE to watch it!

end with....................... (T___T)

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  1. huwuuuu dugaan ko awal2 puasa ni ek.

    senyum der :)

  2. aiyo..what happen2x!!xpe2x..jgn riso.skang nisbah laki lg byk dri girl.akk blh carik laki byk2.hehe
    p/s jugak:pose ke x ni?ehem

  3. wah...header kt atas tu mcm artis la hehehehe

  4. saya faham apa rasanya =(

  5. farihah-->huhu it was actually happened bf the fasting lol~

  6. ifa-->biaq benok dek..bkn nisbah pompuan 1:32 hahahhaa...pose lar slgi belom di cuti kn..haha

  7. azham-->hahhahha...mmg itu cita2 nyer..ok lah ek ade gaya dh! =D

  8. sapo nih babe huhu..chill babe chill ok ^^

  9. ini nisbah pling trbaru..nisbah cite mlayu tu nisbah lama.hehe.betul ni..

  10. wanie-chan-->huhu...anda xknal babe..cite lama =(

  11. ifa-->hahhahaha..de plak? lahh nape dorg xupdate nih? ni y marah ni! =))

  12. isk2...tabahkn ati k...

  13. kyo-->THANKS a lot for the moral support here..huhu xde feeling dh pon..hahahha tp honestly ade 'luka' seket lah =(


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