[movie] Bini-Biniku Gangster

Director : Ismail Bob Hashim (Ngangkung)
Starring : Shaheizy Sam, Yana Shamsuddin and Intan Ladyana

you shouldn't have to know anything else. jangan banyak cakap, just PLAY the official trailer below! >.<

it is FUNNY right? a REAL-COMEDY type of movie! although we just watched the trailer but i can sense it will makes us laugh during the 1hrs and plus-plus in the cinema. and i was so impressed with all the actions. it looks soooo real and sooo HONG KONG ma....great great great acting especially to the script writer herself, miss yana!

ok..i know some of you will say like this is a copycat of the famous Korean's 'My Wife is a Gangster'! al-maklumlah tajuk pon sama kan...huhu but i'm so sure this gonna be as superb as those blockbuster since now we have our owned Shu Qi known as Yana Shamsuddin. seriously, i love her acting since 'Adnan Sempit' as she clearly showed us that she can be as funny as Sam!

thus, now it is the combination of those funny actors, Sam yang memang lah hebat with this lovely lady. i am super-excited to watch this film since i watched this trailer. 

so, guys lets wait for the SEPTEMBER to come.. ^^

* sokonglah filem tempatan. haha..majulah filem untuk negara, MERDEKA! *

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  1. cam best je..tajuk pun da xle blaa..

    follow cni..

    thanks jln2 kat blog aii

  2. lama x datang sini kan...anyway, selamat hari raya SZ!!

  3. hehe .kalau ada mereka mesti cerita ni Lawak :)

  4. misz n wani-->tu r nmpaknyer mmg sgt menarik utk ditonton! mari cik wani kt pg bersama t =)

  5. mida-->yup hehe...especially SAM sygku itu la =)


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