STYLE to steal : Emma Watson

hehehe...please don't ask me on why did my face is BIGGER than her! =))

frankly, who doesn't recognize this cutie who turns out to be the hotie chic! she is best known as Hermione in the greatest Harry Porter saga and she was grown up by the movies in this last 10 years. now, we are all aware of her beauty and maturity changes.

hence, due to the FINAL sequence of the phenomenon Harry Porter, i was inspired by fashion style of the only lady among the threesome. she always look GORGEOUS especially on the red carpet. yup, i am talking about the beautiful girl, EMMA WATSON!

Opps, that was her long-long time ago. dush, all 'things' here were messing up her adorable face. hemm..should blamed her mother for this because i bet she didn't higher any image consultant yet. or was she? haha..anyhow, nowadays she has transformed into a beauty princess by continuously surprising the media with her charm, her lovely face and on each of the cloth that she wore. she clearly knew how to be a fashionista in the same time maintaining her teenager's age. OK, now i bet i should THANKS her image consultant! haha..

now, this is my most liking look of Emma Watson. ladies and gentleman, gets ready to be STUN by some of her luxurious RED CARPET looks!   

Emma Watson in a white burberry dress

2009 Orange British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards at the Royal Opera House.

2010 British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) Awards

2011 MTV Movie Awards

2011 Elle Style Awards

2009 World Premier of Harry Porter and the Half Blood Prince at Empire Leicester Square, London.

Premiere of the Harry Potter Deathly And The Deathly Hallows in Odeon Leicester Square, London.

A photocall for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 at the Rafael Lopez

Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows at the New York Premiere

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hallows at The premiere in London's Trafalgar Square

OH MY GUCCI, this is my most favorite one from Oscar de la Renta fall 2011 collection. she is looking like a royal princess! personally, i think this gorgeous dress is really made for her and i believe that this whole look was successfully steal all the gazes once she walked out of the door. she is extremely stunning and elegance in it. hemm..i'm falling in LOVE with the skirt and the color, it suits her skin color very well.

as you can clearly notice that her drastic transformation is her hairstyle that changed from a lovely layered-shoulder-length cut to the too-cool-for-school bob cut! at first when i saw her new cut, i was like "Oh, where is the lovely Hermoine, this is just not for her lor" and after a while, then i knew that i was sooooo wrong when all the media freaking love it and that is when she started to get attention from the fashionistas all over the world. Congrates, Emma for proving to me that sometimes we have to be brave to make a tiny change that can give a huge impact to the world.

huh..enough of all the lights, camera and action! lets get into the real world, the world without the red carpet or any other colors of carpet! hahaha..sorry for the ridiculous rambling there. so, here are some of Emma Watson's casual or everyday look which actually we can steal on. it is logicable to be wear by an ordinary people like us~ ("~___~)

yup, she is just a simple teenager. nothing really inspiring here except her confident on who wearing whats look good on her. i guess emma is comfortable with pants and flats/sneakers compare to the killer-killer heels and girly dresses. my most liking look are on the first  and the last pic with the white tops and leopard belt which is so cute on her! ok, that can be classify as one of the best summer 2011 look. is it? it depends on an individual's taste LOL~

HUH, now it comes to the end of this long post. i've been working for it like a half of the day by searching the great photos and the hardworking writing bout her fashion style here. so, i'm sooo tired right now since i have to wake up at 4.30 a.m to prepare the sahor. hahhaa..NOBODY is asking you to do this, SUZAI! haiyoooo...Emma should be blame for this! =D

anyhow, i'm so glad posting about this as i always eager to write about the celeb that inspired me on beauty and fashion. thus, guys you should expect more and more 'STYLE to steal' post that gonna be feature another celebs with another different fashion sense that surely will be more fascinating than this! ^^

last word, for sure we all gonna miss this adorable Hermoine! (^______^)

THANKS A LOT for reading peeps!

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  1. waaaa.lps ni xde dh harry potter.cntik ar poster akk buat!awesome!!!

  2. semakin lama semakin cantik kan..suka new hair dia:)

  3. pantas je I dtg sini nak tgk Emma Watson bakal isteri sy hahaha

  4. dia makin berisi makin cantikkk!!!!

  5. ifa-->tq! tulah sume harry porer fans mesti bpak sedih r kn..huhu even sy pon trasa juge la >.<

  6. nikisa-->aah dolu2 pon da somel tp skg HOT babe wooo..yup her hairstyle is so stylish!

  7. azham-->haiiyooo...azham klu ni wife u..leighton nk letak mane ek..haha

  8. farihah-->hahahha..KITE Y MAKIN BERISI MAKIN BURUK! haahahahh =D sy da gemok!!

  9. I swear this gorgeous woman could pull off anything. I love her! She's such a fashion icon, for real!

  10. yup, she is soooooooooooooo BEAUTIFUL right now and im sure she gonna be a REAL fashion icon in another 5 years?! haha..i means more woman/lady look =)


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