LOOK #31 - the Blake Lively's inspiration

printed pashmina from a Raya Bazaar (haha..it is really fresh from the oven~)
unbranded white top from a flea market
my mom's jeans worn as a BF-jeans
random bangles and Diva's gold necklace 
pointed pump heels from Nose

to all the fashion-conscious peeps, this maybe my last post for this coming 2 weeks as i'm gonna be totally busy with the Eidulfitri celebration plus i'm surely will lost the connection! huhu..lets wait n c...

remember on the last 'Style to Steal' post, i've promise you my own Blake Lively's inspiration? so, here is my very own look which inspired by her. hehe..actually there is nothing really popped up here as the top and the colors combo are all basic.

well, that is the main point which i wanted to show you on how you can rock your boring-plain shirt awesomely. all you need to do is add on a quirky printed pashmina and a necklace, done! as for the pants, it is actually my mom's that i worn as a BF-jeans. it is absolutely comfortable and well-fixed, love it~

for more details, check my idea on her's simple yet fun style.

lets STEAL the stylish Blake Lively's STYLE!!

first of all, you need a pair of a NICE jeans. (means that its really fit on your body type) yup, the skinny is the BEST choice. however, it doesn't mean it will looks good on you just because it looks sooo good on Blake's voluptuous body.......Oh OK poor me~

then, grab on any of your white tee/white singlet/your dad's white 'Pagoda' shirt. for a HIJABI girls like me, hemmm...if the white top is a short sleeve we do need an extra garment here opt for a plain+black cardigan.

next, pick on any necklace in your collection. now, do we need any extra accessories, the bangles or cuff? hemmm....if you just can't stand from not wearing it, just pick one and remember the main point, just keep it basically BASIC!

lastly, opt the most killer heels in your wardrobe and Taa...daaaaa you are ready to steal all the glances once you walk out of the door!

OK, then. SELAMAT HARI RAYA @ Happy Eidulfitri to all the Muslim all over the world and a very HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY to all the Malaysian. Wish we all had a very good time celebrating two big days on a same one day! ^^

thanks for loving my blog...xoxo

*** images credited to SizzlingSuzai ***

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  1. pewwitt....cantik dan kemas..dan simple..hehe

    Anyway, Selamat Hari Raya dear SZ

  2. hahha..THANKS for loving it ifa n k.ogosh..yarr SELAMAT HARI RAYA semua ^^ jumpe lg slpas raya!

  3. wah...mmg raya sakan...mcm artis hehehehe

  4. hahahha..azham ni bkn bj rya i lah..haiyoo bju raya lom beli lg pon! =(


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