Iftar at the Dorsett Regency KL

Oh, guys please wipe out your saliva on those lips! haha..i'm so FULL yesterday since we had a 'luxurious' iftar at the Dorsett Regency KL (Checkers Restaurant) which was paid by my sister. THANKS Along, huuuuu..i knew i've to pay you back when i've started earning my own salary in the future. habes mati lah hakuh! =D

firstly, lets talking about the food. hehe..i can say we were 100% satisfied with the amount and the quality of the buffet. the variety is large and the taste is good especially the 'sup rusa'! Auww...its my first time tasted a meat of a deer, Eeeee...geli plak bunyi nyer~ ("~____~) anyhow, the sushi was not as good as the sushi i've tasted at the Sakae Sushi house lor! =))

the photo showed it all, the fun of eating in a cozy place! ok ok, i'll answer your curiosity. yup, that is Mr. Jaafar Onn, Malaysian actor/singer/chef and the actress/singer Juliza Adlizan. they are both is a famous Malaysian actors and they were so friendly. hemm....i was stunned by the extremely TALL and big of Mr. Jaafar On looks on the real life. haha..besau betol!

anyhow, Alhamdulillah...we were so HAPPY breaking our fast last night and successfully brought a BIIIIGGGG TUMMY back home! =)

OK then, Happy fasting peeps ^^

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  1. that salmon looks so tempting....ugh!!

  2. wow sedapnya dear..suka sushi and salmon tu..:)

  3. agak2 bley lawan hodong tak heheheh

  4. k.ogosh-->huhu sadly it was not as tempting as d one dat i tasted at the sushi house lor~ =P

  5. nikisa-->HAHHAHHA..salmon tu sje nk try..totally mentah..hahha xsedap pon..nk muntah jer! =P

  6. wani chan-->i think jaafar onn beat shindong lah!!! i kn da pnh jmp d REAL shindng! jaafar ni lg tinggi tau! =D


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