Iftar with my BEST-Tie

Salam Ramadhan...

introducing my bf-gf, Atie busok! Alhamdulillah..at the end, last week we've been iftar together after lots of postponed meeting. she is an uitm student. so, our holiday was always incoincidence that troubles us to meet and doing the sesi-luahan-perasaan~ =)

we've been friend for years and if you wanna be more specific, it was already 11 years since we met. Oh, means that you can assume my age peeps. hahhaha....i won't tell you that because for me, age is very sensitive matter and it is a secret! haha..

therefore, this post is like a dedication to the person in the pix named as Nur Atiqah Suhaimi. THANKS a lot for being my best-best friend and THANKS for the sweetest memories especially during the hostel time lah kan~ it is always nice to reminisce those memories again and again~ 

yup, we've been so close as we lived in the one roof for 5 years! guys, you can imagine the bonding that had knotted between us as we've shared the feelings, the foods, the pillow (hahha..it is very natural for girls OK~) and etc etc etc.

we are different! yup, she is having a softer personality and less talk compare to mine. so, whenever we hang out together, i'll be the story-teller and she will be the good-listener. penat akak dek berceloteh tau~ =D

anyway, knowing a GREAT person as you is a GREATEST thing happened in my life and for that, i'll always pray that our friendship will last forever..amin.. ^^

p/s : jumpa RAYA nanti ok makcek!

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  1. I tought woman's best friend is their shoes..hehe..im just joshing you. XD

  2. hahaha..yup that is the 2nd one lor~ thanks for dropping by here mr! ^^


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