LOOK #30 - Turned my dad's working uniform to a BF-shirt!

as for this fashion post, i just like to emphasize the white-plain-outer top which is my dad's unwanted working shirt worn as the boyfriend shirt! because the other things are all repeated over and over again. thus, i just can pray that you guys don't feel bored with it. haha..

i always LOVE to wear this borrowed-from-your-bf kind of style as it is more relaxing and laid-back but in the same time it is quite fashionista though~ (~.^)

frankly, this twisting style was starting to separate in the year of 2009. we can say that the trendsetter was among the stylish-Rihanna, Agyness Dyne and Chloe Savigny who always came out with the quirky taste and vibe casual looks. but no worry girls, its not a problem for you to style it in this 2011 as this style promise you the timeless look and versatile fashion sense. check theirs and be inspired then..

now, what is actually this boyfie shirt? obviously, it is a button-up shirt that a man wears to the workplace despite its designs and colors. the crucial aspect is it is oversized / not ultra-tailored / not body-con type of garment so, it won't lining up your curvy curve girls. (a special reminder to all the HIJABI girls ^^)

thus, HOW TO WEAR IT? as simple as it depends on your comfortability neither you wanna wear it as a top, dress or jacket! the top can be worn with a nice fit pants/legging will look sexier but not for a HIJABI girl like me. while, dress can be done with a simple belt that tighten around your waist and jacket/cardii can be achieve by wearing it like mine. ^^

just bare in your mind that you need to soften the look with some chunky accessories like bangles and cuffs. another important part is the loooong sleeve should be roll up. so that, you will not end up looking like a pink panther's slender hand! haha..well actually it gives the laid-back and informal feeling while you running errands around the town.

OK then, try it and share your own look with me k. Daaaa.............

*** images is credited to SizzlingSuzai and google.com
*** info is credited to WHOWHATWEAR

thanks for reading...xoxo

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