Kiss The Girls by James Patterson

The Synopsis: 

tells a brutally cruel crimes that was being investigated by a D.C detective, Dr. Alex Cross. he was so into this case as his niece had became one of the victims by a criminal named himself as CASANOVA, the World's Greatest Lover! 

CASANOVA had his own harem where he kept his 'collection' of a beautiful and extraordinary women in there. nobody know where is that dark house even the captives themselves don't have any idea on where they were secretly being kidnapped and locked inside it till forever~ yup, CASANOVA WISELY CHOOSE the only physically beautiful and extremely intelligent women for his collection and he stalked them for weeks beforehand. he is the raper, the torturer and the REAL-psycho, he studied everything about his victims including their favourite color and perfume!

here comes the climax when a doctor-intern, Dr. Kate McTiernan was the only victim who successfully escaped from the 'disapeared house' and left another 6 women in there. she had only 50-50 chance to stay alive when her floating body was found at the Wykagil river. she was suffering from posttraumatic stress syndrome, not able to talk, think or remembering the dark moments she gone through.

after getting well, Dr. Kate teamed-up with Dr. Alex Cross to hunt the CASANOVA although it seems like it is impossible when they gotta know that there is twinning! means that, another legend criminal created himself as THE GENTLEMAN CALLER had co-operated with CASANOVA. they both known each other well and secretively sharing the evil site between them!

so, how did Dr. Cross settled this unpredictable crimes scene? how did Dr. Kate survived as CASANOVA is coming back to her again and again? did Naomi, Dr. Cross's niece and the other women survive? the most important matter, does CASANOVA get caught? and who the hell is this psycho?? (yup, he is actually among all the characters in the novel!)

My Own view:

hehe...should start with the romance blooming between Dr. Cross and Dr. Kate as they were getting closer since they worked together. huhu...although it is just like 5% of the whole story, i do LOVE it a lot! you have to know that my forever fav reading is nothing but LOVE STORIES! hahahaha  =D

now, James Patterson really know how to heat up the plot. as Publishers Weekly said that " Patterson knows how to keep the pot boiling" is exactly correct! you will not gonna slowly read it until you get to know the truth identity of the mastermind in the story. for sure, you will not able to guess it and will be shock at the end~

in fact, Patterson is an excellent writer when it comes to tell about Horror, brutal, thrills and mystery. it is highly suspenseful and believable. yup, as an example when you read the Dr. Kate's kidnapping scene in her 'home alone' apartment, you will suddenly go and check you own window and door, does it all lock because you might scared of the CASANOVA coming after you!

Oh, lastly i bet you are so curious on what is the 'Kiss The Girls' means, right? is the 'game' that the CASANOVA played with his best-criminal-buddy THE GENTLEMAN CALLER on each of the woman they'd collected!

Woman's Own Magazine :

" expect non-stop, muscle-jangling thrills...Don't read it alone, or on a dark and stormy night"

xoxo...THANKS FOR READING....xoxo 

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