The Story Only I Didn't Know by IU (T__T)

evening people, sorry for being soooooooooooo over-sensitive today. no worry i promise the mood will get better by tomorrow. no more emotional post, no more sad songs and no more tears....

hence, as i'm in the sad sad bad mode today, i wanted to share with you on one of the most beautiful song from a K-POP which is a ballad sentimental song.....ppl, they are not always pop LOL!

seriously, this is one of my all-the-time fav HIGHLY EMOTIONAL song in the playlist. (although the song was released like months ago!) but i just couldn't STOP myself from replying it and CRYING OVER IT!

i'm no joking when i said i'm sobbing over the MV since i was already falling into a deep emotion when i heard only the song. but now it was listening to it while seeing IU (the name of the singer~) is really into the song and crying and crying and crying while singing....................i was like (T___T) too~

i know toooooooooo many 'crying' words here and there. and i know you don't believe me. so, JUST PLAY the MV and i'm sure it will change your shinny sky to the gloomy one............

OK, maybe you are not as weak as me but it is really true that this is a real-SAD MV, right? hemmmmm....i was also in your condition when the first time i watched it which is I DON'T UNDERSTAND THE PLOT OF THE STORY..huhuuhu nah, let me share it here. (it was described by a YT watcher..tq!)

if you can read the interview at the end of the vid, she was asked that if the man was her father? and she said no and people considered her as still insane..well actually she is right because....

@ilidecember the young girl was in love with an old guy, he then died and the girl went insane, not being able to accept the fact that he's gone. She's staying in the mental hospital but her illusion keeps trying to look for him. And in the end, when she dreams about him for the last time and wakes up from it, she finally realized that he was really gone
The book you see with many crosses in there shows how many days she saw him, he's spirit was around watching her.

end with..

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