An African student found death in IIUM

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Its true there's an international student found dead at Mahalah Bilal. He was from Papua New Guinea and studied Economics.His body was found by a cleaner after a complaint made due to foul smell at his room. Cause of death, not determine and is undergoing for post mortem . May Allah Bless his soul. Al-Fatihah. Madam Noraini Md Hashim 
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however, i was a lil bit shock that the witness who is the Representative Commitee of the Mahallah Bilal, IIUM, Mr. Ajijzkhan is one of my friend. haiyoo..Ajiz glamer kau sekejap yerr~ =D  huhu..ITS NOT THAT GLAMOROUS thing i wanna talk about, but it was about how you faced the moment since the body was already there alone for about a week! this is REAL-scary!

hemm...nothing is scary on this holy Ramadhan LOL~ since all the syaitan was locked-up at the hell!

ok, then i just wanna share this shocking news when i first read it at KaizenShinobi ^^ thanks for sharing encik kaizen! lastly, lets recite the Al-Fatihah for the arwah, may Allah bless him..amin...

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  1. terperasan jugak polis kt uia semalam lebih byk dari biasa. ada kes rupanya. aku pn baru tau ptg smlm...

  2. seriously memang tekezot dengar crita ni

  3. farihah-->sy tau pon mlm td..maklum la skg kan tgh berpoya di rumah! =D akk watpe kat uia tuh? x cuti ke?

  4. putra-->dh tau ke punca nyer..sakit ek? huhu...neway thanks 4 dropping by here k ^^


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