LOOK #29 - That Old Oversized Sweater!

repeated blooming scarf from Times Square
my mom's old oversized sweater (is it green??)
straight cut jeans from Googles
yellow clutch from OU
cork wedges from Vincci

yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhh..i'm back with fashion-pose post! haha..these were captured by my sister after being forced by me (as usual~) so then, when i get dressed up a bit like this that means i was going to somewhere out of my home right? haha...kalau tak kemana tak kuasa mak nok~ =D

ok, lets talking about the look here. i chose a laid-back wear since i don't want to OVERSHADOW my family members lor~ haha..they were all as simple as normal people and i'm the only alien in the family. besides, we were going for an iftar dinner which is a buffet style. so, thats why a very comfortable outfit is a must! hehe..

therefore, i opted for an oversized sweater that can cover up my biggggg tummy at the end of the day and that old fit jeans to balance the 'oversized' upper part. while, i should thanks the wedge heels here as it help to make me looks a bit taller in the same time slimmer. haha..OK i know saya sudah di pam-pam selepas duduk di rumah berbulan-bulan!!

Oh, the main point about this whole look is the scarf wrapping. it is fully inspired by the Tutorial vid that i posted on the last week, the one with the turban style! CHECK HERE for the vid.

as you can see there is the zig-zag line featured on my head, so THAT it! however, i don't really like it as it makes my face looks BIGGER a.k.a BOLAT than usual....HUH! nevertheless, i've got the way to solve it. i'll show you in the next fashion-pose post ok. hehe..

OK then, if you are curious about that iftar dinner which was paid by my sister, you are most welcome to check out my next entry k.

Thanks for reading peeps! ^^

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  1. That is suchh a cute outfit :)
    I love everything oversized, I think it looks great! And the yellow clutch is the perfect accessory.

  2. pnkgingerale--> thanks a lot dear..haha yup oversized is great but u hv to make sure it doesnt makes u look OVERSIZED too~

  3. dik..pinjam clutch tu tuk raya...huhu

  4. Suzai, I like what you wore in this post.... u really look taller than ever heheheh

  5. guhreeaatt combination, suzai!
    u look slimmer! YAY! *plis no offense, dear*:D

  6. k.ogosh-->klu u pjm t i nk pkai ape?? hahahhaha..this is d only clutch i hv rite now..sian kn~ =D

  7. azham-->thanks dear..hahhaha THAT IS WHAT THE CAMERA TRICKS can do! =D

  8. icha-->terima kasih icha..hahah that is only bcoz of the camera's angle LOR~ hahhahaha..im NO SLIM at all! im struggling now..hahhahah


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