Good-bye Baby by Miss A

anyeong....i'm back with K-POP and more K-POP!! ^^

Miss A,

100% honest, i'm NOT THE FAN during their debut although they were produced under the same JYP's of the hottest 2pm! hemm...the reason was I CAN'T ACCEPT their single 'Good Girl Bad Girl' and the more is 'I Can't Breath'...i was like wth? tolong lah lagu cam haprak jer!  =P

recently, there were sooooooo many female k-pop groups that had been released and i can't list them here as the list will be going on to an infinite, seriously! the good thing is i always don't give a damn about it but the bad thing is THEY ARE ALL GREAT and i'm freaking love them, huh HATE it! yarr...will be story in here one by one. so just wait for your turn ladies! ("~____~)

so here is the Miss A who was debuted last year and on the last July 2011 they had released their 1st album called as 'A Class'. then, their 1st single had successfully ATTRACTED me. i'm so crazy over the song and i'm crazy over the LIVE PERFORMANCE, the dance steps of the song is awesome. they really make a GREAT live show to watch peeps~

ok, no more words just PLAY the offcial MV of the song that had put them in my Fav Female Korean group list together joining 4Minute, T-ara, Kara, 2NE1 and BEGs! =))

as usual, this is their BEST LIVE perf with the BEST stage decor!

yup, now i have to admit that Miss A is one of the great female idol group as they are a GREAT great dancer and a good singer. oh, i personally LOVE their concept which is not a so-feminine type because i am the person who HATE tooo much aegyo! =P

called me K-POP Fanatic Fan because that is what i am! ^^

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  1. She's gorgeous, isn't she? I noticed her in Gossip Girl XOXO.

    Ps. Reading your blog feels as if I'm reading URTV! It's just rich in info and sexy pics ;)!

  2. ibrahim-->haha..i guess u talking bi=out the next post on BLAKE LIVELY kn~ haiyoo...salah column ma..hahah neway THANKS for the compliment n yup, i realize my writing is more like a magazine style kn =) hope u like it~

  3. zakiah-->thanks now i guess u like this miss A's song! =))


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