10 Shoes A woman should has vs PASSION!

first of all, i'm sorry for this short hiatus. huh, the standard reason is i have lost the connection! anyway, i still remember my promise about the 'shoes shoes shoes' post. haha..so today i'm gonna rambling a little bit about WOMAN vs SHOES and in the same time i'm so fascinated to list out 10 killer shoes that should be in all woman's wardrobe!

WOMAN and SHOES is like a gf-bf. we are so addicted to it despite its designs, branding, colors and so on and so forth! yup, sometimes we are still eager to buy a new electric-blue flats just because we're already owned the orange, pink and green. so, the blue one needs to be in the collection to match the new blue top!

once upon a time, we have the fairy tale of Cinderella and now we have the fairy tale of buying A JIMMY CHOO. haha..ok ok, its not a problem for those who earned thousands and thousands of cash in a month but buying a Jimmy Choo is just an imagination for a student like me~ moreover, guys i'm so sorry because i'm a type of person who think twice to spend RM3000 and above for only one pair of footwear!

hemmm...anyhow, it is 100% depends on individual as i didn't say that spending half of your salary on shoes is ridiculous because that is PASSION is all about. when you obsessed about a thing, you are willing to do anything. no matter how much it will cost you, right?!

then, lets scroll down 10 type of shoes that i'm dying to add in my own collection. ^^


omg, i LOVE how comfortable it will look on my feet while making me taller 4-inch than the original height! haha...nah, this is my aim right now. a very nice wooden PLATFORM. poor me, i still don't have one of this since my mom will scold me everytime she found out that i buy a new shoe. so, i have to put this in a waiting wishlist!


ok, obviously i owned one of this but its not in orange, blue or any neon colours. hemm...i guess i should topup the colours meh~ haha..anyway, you can find a nice flats at Cotton On store with as cheap as RM19.90!


a basic shoe that every woman should/already have. it is the first choice to wear at a work as it is suitable for any ocassions whether formal or informal.


LALALLALLALAA....another type for dying! boots is nowaday all fashionista's obsession. this shoe is able to transform your casual outfit to the most-chic in the town. Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh...put this in my long-waiting list too~


i bet lots of women already have one of this since it tends to give more comfy compare to the pointed heels. do you know that wedges got a lot of types which are espadrille wedge, cork wedge, wooden wedge, architectural wedge, platform wedge and more more more. so, think before you buy it!


this is another type of heels that could give you the max comfy compare to another heels as the heel is big and the front was covered. hemm...i've been eyeing one of this since it started to separate like last year but what can i do when i need  a sport shoes more that a CLOG heels! ("^^)


how to differentiate a mary jane or a pointed pump heels? its easy peeps, just look at the strap across it and the heels since mary jane is kind of a strap shoe/sandle with the low heels, broad and rounded toes. personally, i don't really like this style of shoe~ no reason~


right now, a woman don't have to borrow her bf's oxford shoe anymore as we already have our own one. furthermore, it comes with a heel at the bottom of it. haha..now we are taller than him!


well, actually this is just an ordinary heels but it comes with a nice blooming decoration on it. why a woman should has one of this? it is because every woman had one similar dream which is a very romantic WEDDING. so, i guess we all can safe this and wear it when walking down the aisle! ^^


haha..for sure, i don't want to spend my money on this kind of shoes because i don't plan to work in a zoo or what? haha..but a SHOW STOPPER shoes is like a save-the-day shoe that you need when you don't find any glamourous dress to be worn at a fashion event!

i guess that's it as my neck is really pain right now. i know it says, this is the time to stop, SUZAI. thus, THANKS FOR READING...xoxo

*** images credited to killingheels.tumblr.com and google.com ***

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  1. ka best kalau mmg ada sume...senang je nak match..tapi malangnya akak sangat takut nak pakai yang ada heels..ada la wedges ngan few heels yang x seberapa tingginya tu...most of all..flats is the best plus sandal...huhu

  2. Heyyyy, my sister baru beli the Aldo platform shoes tu! And yes, it makes you look so tall, massively tall. Aldo sale now whee

  3. I don't dream of wearing Jimmy Choo. Instead, I lived in it coz I have two pairs! JC is one of the best after Gucci and Prada. :D

  4. k.ogosh-->haha..akk takot coz akk da ckup tinggi kot..hehehhe utk y xberapa tinggi cam i ni sgt la suke but mmg saket kaki la..klu nk jln2 mmg xkuasa nk pkai heels derr =)

  5. aina-->wahh wahh best2..sale?? hemmm..do i afford to buy it now..haiyoo duit mau pkai byk temp lein lg meh..so lets wait n c ya..haha neway thanks for d sale info! =D

  6. mr.zamri-->hahha..RIGHT NOW i'm dreaming of own it but after i earned my own salary..hemm...will c what happen then...hehe

    yup, as ur loyal reader i knew u owned it encik ^^ n for sure the quality is as d BEST as d price lol~ beriban kn xkn la sama ngan Bonia jer..HAHHAHAhahha =D


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